12 comments on “How To Catch Roundhouse Kicks | Kickboxing MMA TMA”

  1. rhaphazard says:

    4:00 “This is like a tree trunk!”
    *nod nod

  2. heavykyio says:

    these needs more views thanks kwonkicker

  3. Fabio Player says:

    Nice tip! what about front kicks

  4. powerbar118 says:

    Fundamentals baby, gotta love em

  5. Grimfangs Hellbender says:

    Wow. Micah looks really happy today. Mothers’ Day, perhaps?

  6. xRothkox says:

    Ha, that’s some Kobra Kai stuff right there. I notice in fights that most
    fighters prefer to avoid (duck or back up) a high kick if they see it
    coming. But if done correctly this defensive technique can certainly give
    them an advantage. I think the most important thing you’re telling people
    is not to simply absorb the impact because I’ve seen fighters break an arm
    that way or get hit in the back of the head as the kick flows through,
    whereas a little movement with the block lessens the impact and leads to a
    great advantage.

  7. jagodude says:

    Great videos as usual. Thumbs up!

  8. AdamLovesCats says:


  9. beenblack90 says:

    Great tutorial but can you show how to defend against a straight forward
    rib kick? I tend to practice those a lot and would like to know how to
    counter it

  10. kevin rubio aguirre says:


  11. Rickai85 says:

    Great video and some awesome information with regards to stepping along the
    path of the kick to lessen the damage. There is another counter that I
    would loved to have seen. You catch your opponents leg and then you
    basically lift their leg upwards and push forward causing your opponent
    have next to no control or balance then cause him/her to fall backwards

  12. Droga Shabu says:

    Please teach us how to counter clinch or fight againts clinch with clinch

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