24 comments on “How To Defend Against Spinning Back Kicks | Kickboxing MMA TMA”

  1. haru glory says:

    shane is lame

  2. 【鉛筆】鉛艾文 says:

    Taekwondo can’t strike below the belt D: . Is it cool for taekwondo?

  3. James Lee says:

    Great video! Love you Kwonkicker. Keep it up, man. :)

  4. Pmpbreeze Ogah says:

    Kwon great vid… Question for a TKD person what’s the best way to defend
    against a person who uses cut leg when sparring? Please answer or anyone
    else who knows?

  5. hellwroughtangel says:

    Looks easy, but the people who use spinning back kicks in competition fire
    them off really quickly. I have been winded in practice before and that
    kick came out of no where.

  6. yea mate says:

    I like throw a sloppy left hook that misses on purpose before doing my back
    kick, then i fake the hook then i step to throw the kick my opponent goes
    to block up stairs and BANG you hit their body! Works every time :)

  7. Ivo Malecs says:

    A fast/well practiced back kick most likely would fuck up the person trying
    to defuse it with a push/front kick.

  8. TopS Coment says:

    BEST PARTNER EVER.!!! .. uhm,, Sir #kwonkicker,… whats upon our plan in
    Ginger Ninja Trickster.? eh.. :)

  9. manuelthegreatman says:

    Thanks for the video

  10. John Holsopple says:

    I made it to black belt. i moved to Chiang Mai Thailand

  11. Việt Thái Nguyễn says:

    is spinning back kicks a defensive kick? no one would start an attack with
    a spinning back kicks. So it is so easy to just turn your body and avoid
    the kick like that. lol 

  12. ikakojavaxa says:

    Just what I needed <3 thank you

  13. Young Kim says:

    Another cool stuff!

  14. 0LukasYagami says:

    Awesome! Next weekend I’ll fight in a full contact competition and I’m
    going to train this defense, looks pretty usable.

  15. TheTmnt1fan says:

    Kwonkicker you are awesome dude thanks for the lesson

  16. GalaxyCrusher says:

    In MMA, heel kicks to the kidneys are banned. Does that include back kicks,
    since they are performed with the heel?

  17. Shovon Rahman says:

    is that octagon?

  18. clyde norris says:

    Yo kwon I love your vids

  19. tkddiuryl says:

    I’m not sure a push kick would work against a spinning hook. Especially a
    lead leg push kick. Rear leg maybe yes, because you can/are lean(ing) back
    and the hook kick can pass over your head(depending on your opponent’s
    flexibility). But a front leg push kick doesn’t generate as much power so
    the user won’t be leaning back much, therefore is vulnerable to a spinning

    Spinning hook is an excellent counter to: Axe, Push(more likely front leg),
    any type of round/roundhouse kick. And MAYBE a back kick(depends).

    Push kick is on of my favs, but against a spinning hook it’s risky.
    It’s mid level and linear. The spinning hook is high and lateral. 

  20. Shovon Rahman says:

    its really great that u 2 guys have teamed. u guys provide the best
    tutorials in youtube.

  21. befelmi999 says:

    is there another defence? i practice full contact kickboxing with lowkicks
    and will start competitive fighting soon, but kicking/attacking the back of
    the opponent is prohibited.
    does it work if i target his thigh?

  22. ilolroflandlmao says:

    omg micah .. its so nice to see you both working together two of my faves 

  23. noestoyfacil says:

    where where you when i was getting jump back kicked in the stomach XD

  24. Mr Bigall says:

    The fisrt move is very classic, and is teached at an early level in
    kung-fu. Still very good things to learn.
    There is also a projection-counter that can be performed. To perform it,
    people need to have a good read, have good reflexes and be fast, has they
    need to get closer.

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