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  1. Joseph James says:

    Q- Are there any good techniques to recover from a facial punch as fast as

  2. warrenc1903 says:

    also know, most of the time someone has to stop moving to punch,so if they
    r kinda walking around they will most likely stop before they throw a punch

  3. Luis Quinones says:

    Emmanuel Agustus had the most amazing dodger i’ve ever seen

  4. LeoSol13 says:

    Hey, Shane. I sent a tweet to you about how to deal with getting hit in the
    balls and you gave a really good response. I was wondering if you could
    cover that in the next video?

  5. horslems says:

    i always wondered about this, thanks alot boss shane

  6. silvastone1691 says:

    Before I got into striking I wrestled in High School and my coach said that
    when you look at your opponent don’t look directly at there face, instead
    look below the features of the face like the chin or lower so that their
    shoulders are in your field of vision. With a little practice I was able to
    see when my opponent extended their arm trying to grab me, I later applied
    that to striking where I SOMETIMES can tell when the punch is coming by
    noticing the twist in their shoulder for certain punches.

  7. jakc3d says:

    Shane, i’m no boxer or muay thai fighter, nor am i a martial artist. In
    fact, you’d kick my ass in a fight but i heard that one of the best ways to
    practice seeing punches coming, specifically for beginners, is to simply
    have a partner of your same skill level throw punches that aren’t too fast
    at first. Just become accustomed to having punches coming but it has to be
    against someone of your same skill level doing it, not a pro like you
    Shane. There are no patterns to look for at first. Just practice seeing
    fists come at you, even if you get hit.

  8. NobruSoundSelecta says:

    My kung fu master told me to always keep eyes on enemy’s eyes. Its
    effective too?

  9. 01coyote13 says:

    OK, what about this Walker Smith Jr aka Sugar Ray Robinson said that
    “Rhythm is everything in boxing” How would you transfer that into MMA and
    street fighting? What comes to mind when you read it? How do you interpret
    it? How con you use that in offense and with defense? Also how do you find
    your own rhythm, your opponents and change to your advantage ?

  10. xCarthage says:

    pernell whitaker in boxing was pretty awesome. In MMA Anderson Silva or
    Lyoto Machida. 

  11. Cristiano messi says:


  12. FightTips with Shane Fazen says:

    A fan asked “is it possible to see punches coming in a fight?” so I made a
    video covering this topic. Learn more

  13. Cristiano messi says:


  14. Cristiano messi says:


  15. DoomRater says:

    Side comment: being predictable and having a favored combination isn’t all
    bad. If you can get to a position where your opponent cannot do anything
    about your attack to begin with, using the same move over and over again
    can frustrate someone very badly because they know what’s coming and feel
    helpless to do anything about it.

  16. Cayden Long says:

    Rocking the green screen

  17. FaLSeSNipeZ says:

    +FightTips with Shane Fazen
    How can I condition myself to take a punch or kick?

  18. christian cumigad says:

    mayweather is the best defensive fighter hands down

  19. Asad Khan says:

    3 uploads per week.. Excellent job

  20. Izzy A says:

    Hi Shane, @ 4:15 when you mentioned throwing an uppercut in response to the
    opponent’s jab, is that an example of a set up counter?

  21. GamerBlack Wolf says:

    You are high aren’ t you?

  22. HorsepowerDemonzX says:

    My opinion and experience with boxing, look at the chin and below. This
    gives you a sweet target (chin), shoulder rotation, and their elbows. When
    you look this way, you can see if their elbows flare out to throw wild
    looping shots. You can see if their shoulders dip to throw uppercuts. I
    have experienced that looking this way is psychologically great for me
    because i can see their punches coming and my openings. Also if you look
    below that, you’re targeting system may be limited to only the body because
    you can’t get a good read on their head position due to poor peripheral
    vision so you may get discouraged to throw especially if they can move
    their head.

  23. Duzco Mont says:

    Hey Shane what techniques would you use against wild fighters that fight
    like there swimming ? I’ve seen plenty of fights like that 

  24. Ali P says:

    What to do if your opponents comes at you with alot of punches with alot
    more force than you, like tank with fists? Loving your videos by the way,
    love how you enjoy it too!

  25. Min Deng says:

    Nice video 

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