20 comments on “Huge Faceplant Knockouts in MMA”

  1. TheJudoJoker says:


  2. CuddlePuppy says:

    You forgot Tim Boetsch vs. David Heath. Along with the Ishiwatari fight, I
    think it’s the only time I’ve seen someone get knocked out by getting
    thrown on their face.

  3. ManiacalMarv says:

    The quality of these vids are great


    should of added cung le knocking out his first mma opponent in strickforce
    where he did a spin kick and follow up with a straight right to the chin
    and dude fell face forward. classic!!!

  5. BroMontanasabeast says:

    pretty sure the guy at 1:17 invented planking. give credit where credits

  6. OPShergottite says:


  7. thaghost1988 says:

    Face down ass up!!!!!!!

  8. Родион Исмагилов says:

    Крутая подборка.

  9. John Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for that last one Big Nog. 

  10. ReD ReaVeR says:

    Rich getting k.oed was the scariest!

  11. boredgunner . says:

    Paul Daley wins this video.

  12. Андрей Сковородников says:

    Отличная подборка нокаутов!

  13. chiwing chan says:

    Daley vs Smith is the best faceplant ever

  14. Madi QAZAQ says:

    love this

  15. Castiel DeLosangeles says:

    Great work

  16. Th3mightyg3sus says:

    1 view.

  17. FU114di says:

    you forgot the funniest one!! lyoto vs jon jones 

  18. SuppressorBN says:


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