23 comments on “HUGE KO – Inside MMA’s Best of the Week”

  1. T.J. Vliet says:

    Man i went so down hill, lol.

  2. Zen Rhino says:

    And if you want a highlight, should have picked Keith Bell Knocking out Azunna Anyanwu XFE Cage Wars 22 in just 12 seconds with a head kick!

  3. Zen Rhino says:

    Yeah, you know Charlie Brenneman… former UFC fighter? You’d think some producer or assistant would have some notes handy or maybe have a teleprompter so things like this don’t happen.

  4. oBORN2WINo says:

    Where is number 2?
    5, 4, 3 then 1?

  5. Inflames240 says:

    Charlie Brenneman

  6. Entriken133 says:

    Yeah Charlie Brenneman. He moved down to LW, and is trying to get back into the UFC. Hope Dana brings him back in soon.

  7. Bane- o says:

    lol he kinda did.

  8. journey2ufc says:

    Good advice the end

  9. PapaDamageXXX says:

    Wow Kenny, for a second I was thinking – that must have been his twin brother…

  10. Antix says:

    glorbin a gloob

  11. junfatzoid says:

    That last guy looks like Tom Hardy!

  12. WWEMMA32 says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who caught that when he said it.

  13. xkillaz18x says:

    Nice stuff!!!

  14. Prodigyz8 says:

    it’s called wanting out of a fight lol.

  15. Aggressor7 says:

    That Michael Page fight looked fishy as hell, dude practically put his neck into his arms, and it didnt even look like a choke

  16. madrileenboy says:

    Great peruvian necktie

  17. ihateslideshows says:

    it’s really good soup if you ask me.

  18. LalondeMistral says:

    Howard 5-0? Chris? Get your facts right, this show is a joke. Howard is now 5-0 since being cut from UFC and CHARLIE Brenaman is 2-0 with 2 subs since being cut and droping to Lightweight.

  19. waldomarek says:

    great highlights indeed. the necktie, those two (POWERFUL) KOs.

  20. TerryMMA says:

    what is this shit a soup kitchen

  21. Trolls4daLols says:

    Its Charlie Brenneman not Chris Brenneman

  22. James Whiteford says:

    It Charlie not Chris lol

  23. Atmosphereification says:

    Chris? Charlie or Charles.

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