6 comments on “Imagine the UFC without Dana White: MMA Tete w/ Kid Nate & Eugene”

  1. dontwalkdontrun says:

    May your elbow be the bloody one.

  2. TheSkiesAreEmpty says:

    Just had video playing in background and it kept my interest the whole time, good job guys. See you on elbow.

  3. pegsonmmatest says:

    the ufc needs to get Chael Sonnen promoting the ufc fuel cards

  4. sacha brady says:

    Best Tete-a-tete in ages.

  5. MMANationDotCom says:

    Well my attempt to play theme music failed and failed badly.

  6. JohnnyAwesome420 says:

    “Fuck this Jon Jones, I’m gonna watch Roger Federer.” Haha. How can people not like this guy?

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