25 comments on “IMBA LEAGUE – Episode 19 – ALL 3 RACES – Crank vs MMA”

  1. HuskyStarcraft says:

    This episode is actually a little bit older but hadn’t uploaded it yet.

    Enjoy :D!

  2. RoastingPotPieMonkey says:

    ultra medivac would be scary, or medivac hydras…late game composition
    would be all ravens….that’s always op no matter what race.. lolz 

  3. Thomas Bishop says:

    A good unit comp I can think of is ultra, marine, hydra, medivac. Or ultra,
    immortal, collosus, high templar, infestor. Or just anything mashed
    together and thrown at the enemy.

  4. SBwingman says:

    How about “all units can harvest and return resources”? I think that might
    be interesting, maybe a little less silly but still fun :p

  5. TheEmperorGulcasa says:

    carrier corruptor would be hilarious. Also infestor high templar for mass
    splash damage.

  6. Sirax123 says:

    Stalker, Ultra, Med

  7. Wolvenblaze says:

    Is IMBA League three words or four?

  8. Ryan Sullivan says:

    If you could make any unit composition in the game with a combination of
    units from any race, the best unit composition would definitely be… mass

  9. SAHM says:

    Husky, please cast an Imba League with Zombies and NPCs.

  10. maimunka23 says:


  11. MrManiak says:

    BroodLords, Collossus and Vikings would be OP as fuck.

  12. Jonathan Baker says:

    Needed chronoboost on those banshees.

  13. Lucas Kafataris says:

    Tempest, thorns and ultralisks…. Nuff said

  14. Isaac Sorrels says:

    Swarmhost, siege tank.

  15. peasant vasea says:

    … and the Internet got crazy again …
    See Husky?

  16. Viking Power says:

    how many words?

  17. Joshua J says:


  18. MTE says:

    I may not know what is the best strat, but I know what is the worst!

    Any AOE + zerg=bye zerg ally

  19. Brian Ortiz says:

    I’m sad there was no baneling drop.

  20. Phill Gizmo says:

    I think this comment section is full of combi race army composition
    propositions. While I thought about macro and strategic limits to make a
    combi race matches an e-sports events options.

    You may decide what kind of worker you build next, but supplies are not
    shared AND that kind of worker kan only bring minerals to its own center
    (drone to hatch, probe to nexus only etc). These limitations will lead to
    scoutable intentions and more variable early builds with tier 1-2 and only
    2race units army composition.
    But after all that I suppose this ideas are more suitable for STARBOW then
    HOTS, because S2 is intentionally made faster paced, shorter 1v1 matches,
    obvious hard counter build orders

  21. GodAloneBeTheGlory says:

    Stalker hellbat seems like it would be awesome

  22. Malamute688 says:

    medevac zealot

  23. Pedro Igor says:

    20:50 hellion breakdance

  24. Bountyhunter306 says:


    Most OP combo.

  25. Valen Warden says:

    MMA could’ve gone true to his name: Marine Marauder Archon. How scary would
    that be?

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