15 comments on “India, Yoga, and MMA: Fightland Meets Jonathan Brookins”

  1. dblocknyc says:

    Good vid! Great dude, i read his “Diary” when he was in India, very

  2. Justin Wren says:

    Awesome video! Really like this guy, really enjoy FightLand! Keep pumping
    out these great videos :-)

  3. Kanav Joshi says:

    I loved his quote at the end.

    Never saw his fights but I’m instantly a fan now. 

  4. SoulSurvivorX2 says:

    I do lots of yoga. It’s great :)

  5. Andre Silva says:

    I love this guy and i think he is very talented. When he fought Aldo he
    took a beating but you could tell he has the heart to improve and
    eventually become a champion.

    The only problem (my opinion based on what he said on some interviews) is
    that he need a more strict and disciplined routine, military style.If he
    did that, i’m sure he would fight his way to the belt in UFC someday.

  6. Koolaid From Houston says:

    I love Jonathan Brookins. Such a cool dude. Thank you Fightland 

  7. Fightland says:

    A UFC Fighter Travels to India to Find Peace and Brings Yoga Back to MMA.

    Click to subscribe: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Fightland

  8. Sun432 says:

    Much success to you, Jonathan. 

  9. ZombiePanda402 says:

    As a strength trainer I can relate to this. I did Yoga this past weekend
    and it somehow changed my mentality of fitness. I can not get stuck in the
    gym lifting heavy weights. I need to experience and learn different forms
    of training if I want to continue to see growth. 

  10. CY L says:

    Very interesting!
    Thank you1

  11. Miroku Nemeth says:


  12. MMA Micks says:

    Very cool dude

  13. Thomas Regal says:

    Any one know the name of the last song of the video?

  14. Pencils440 says:

    Good that his going back to Featherweight. Shouldn’t be fighting at fly
    weight at thaat height lol. Amazing talent, I’m sure he’ll be back in the
    UFC or in Bellator soon.

  15. Brandon Manansala says:

    Always been humble

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