25 comments on “Inside.MMA.2013.03.22”

  1. lunasearevived says:

    he had a surgery recently because he had pain all the time near his neck or something…

  2. darvlaskie says:

    They let the transgender fight again?  Dont allow it if you want MMA to last

  3. CROMEN2 says:

    22:13 Mirko Cro Cop right leg hospital left leg cementry legend

  4. ProphetofDoom14 says:

    i like cat a lot, she seems like a nice person and she fights hard…

    but how can she call herself a student of the game if she never watches film lol?

  5. shezeppi says:

    bellator is good, try and find african mma…those guys are nuts lol

  6. masterknaster says:

    torn bicep tendon

  7. Lifter85 says:

    What happened to Bas’s arm??!?!!?!

  8. Bg Buldog says:

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  9. mattic32 says:

    what up

  10. mattic32 says:

    ray u look all ececo with the cap on bellend

  11. masterbum82 says:

    Those arms are intimidating though! I wish her the best in her MMA career, a very promising female fighter.

  12. masterbum82 says:

    Wow Bellator seems to be have wilder MMA fights judging from the bits n pieces.

  13. josephthemighty says:

    Rory Markham? Really Kenny Rice? Really?!

  14. Clover Jetz says:

    hey hey hey mutha fucka…..sit down ,..thanks mate

  15. 3bonix says:

    Hangover 3 and Nick Diaz? STFU Kenny Rice

  16. 9sunskungfu says:

    You fucked your mother and imagined it was someone elses? I think you should stop smokin weed,you obviously can’t handle it. “Thanx again m8”

  17. Clover Jetz says:

    fuck ur mother m8 thanx again

  18. Deviol Jaison says:

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  19. Chael Sonnen says:


  20. man61x says:

    Bas = LEGEND!!

  21. allnatural singh says:

    kenny rice is fucking useless

  22. Joseph Doherty says:

    cat is hot…………daddy likes

  23. Joshua Cumings says:

    Dude that got knocked out by the 63 yr old should NEVER step in a ring again lol

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