Inside MMA 705

UFC Hall of Fame inductee Tito Ortiz joins Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten live to discuss his new role as Cris “Cyborg” Justino’s manager and her attempts to fight UFC Women’s Bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey and Ron Kruck reports on the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association about their work in the sport. Watch an All New Inside MMA LIVE Friday on AXS TV.

10 comments on “Inside MMA 705”

  1. SlenderMan92 says:

    You should be more appreciative you slut

  2. spaceorbison says:

    ufc hall of fame is a joke what about all the other fighters outside of ufc

  3. GlidarnMadness says:

    well said. He doesnt get the respect that he deserves.

  4. GaeasBlessing says:

    Long time fans of MMA tend to respect members of the old guard like Randy and Tito. TUF fanboys tend to diss whoever Dana is trashing at the moment.

  5. WillThaK says:

    Why won’t Tito Ortiz just go away!!

  6. mmafyasco says:

    tito doesnt need to stay relevant, he’s a 5time world champ & a ufc hall of famer -___-

  7. DanaWoolaver says:

    ur right a 30 second commercial wow dont waste our time with this shit…

  8. JuKa3177 says:

    cyborg should be facing rousey in the ufc imo not carmouche, I fucking hate rousey I wanna see her get smashed utterly destroy and all the hype along with her

  9. mmafyasco says:

    YES ! we got a 30 second commercial ! SOOOO GLAD im subscribed to this channel !

  10. Truth18x says:

    Tito is trying to stay relevant off Cyborg

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