14 comments on “Inside MMA Catches Up With YouTube Sensation Mike Pantangco”

  1. WatWudBeACoolUsrname says:

    i didnt expecteded? wtf

  2. Gustavo Fring says:

    Great guy, very humble and respectful. Wish him all the best 

  3. YoUncle4Life says:

    Great guy, would love to train with him.

  4. Rick Quasius says:

    there was other options here, few things he could of done to still win the
    fight without hurting him further. rear naked choke, you win, no
    punishment. but to each his own.

  5. rloft123 says:

    dudes technique looked slick for only training for a year.. damn

  6. Alice Perregaux says:

    Just respect what Mike Pantanco disistion….He is the 1 in the ring not u
    guys…..Verry good expaination on TV….Proud of u Mike.Good
    heart…..Goodluck for the rest of your fight and becarefull….We fallow
    all your video me from Switzerland and Humprey from Spain.We live in the
    same Village as we called Rocky side.We know the family of Mike

  7. Hector Dojaquez says:


  8. Chris Sirc says:

    Good guy. Seems legit. Wish him the best.

  9. Ejin Fuentes says:

    his hero is Manny Pacquiao for sure.. he always start his sentences with
    “YOU KNOW”….. Hopefully he will fight in UFC someday..

  10. josh1212121 says:

    This guy’s my fucking hero

  11. xart23x says:

    Good guy with good explosive talent. Wish him lots of big money in the

  12. Rodel Louron says:

    I see why…his opponent was not really his original match ,hence, his

  13. fatguyanthony says:

    please some company sponsor this mma fighter seems well deserving and would
    probably help his family back home with some of the earnings 

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