10 comments on ““Inside MMA” WTF Moment: MMA Meets Skydiving”

  1. fahadkelantan says:

    Farts as a propulsion system.
    From Newton’s third law, a punch would push both in opposite directions. So
    he/she who could fart more has a ‘base’ for striking.

  2. darttoyou1 says:

    Lets see a real superman punch.

  3. jonathan roche says:

    the real fly weight division 

  4. Luis Garcia says:

    You’re not smart at all, you’re a fucking idiot.

  5. waldomarek says:

    actually.. i’ve been told that skydivers have two sets of parachutes. one
    you’re supposed to pull yourself and one that goes off automatically at a
    certain height. so let’s say you’ve been choked unconscious or knocked the
    f out, the back up parachute should still go off and you should still be
    able to land relatively safely…

    anyone with actual experience can confirm that there are two sets of

  6. VirtuosoVentura says:

    DAFUQ I jus watch…..

  7. Nick Lawrence says:

    wtf indeed, crazy world man

  8. Brien Irving says:

    mma skydiving: where you have no leverage and 99% of mma doesnt work! dont
    forget the hint of possible death due to stupidity

  9. KravaLLT says:

    Bas… you handsome bastard

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