11 comments on “Inside MMA’s WTF 2013”

  1. Richard Harrow says:

    “You’re re-setting on the matt-”


  2. waldomarek says:

    those scenes are even funnier with bas’ commentaries xD

  3. Ken Lee says:

    1:53 FALCON KICK! Taekwondo fail ahahahah

  4. EraserTraceur says:


  5. MobiusCoin says:

    Black Dynamite brought me here.

  6. kap563 says:

    The potato was too funny

  7. Cole1970 says:

    Kangaroo choke!!!!!!

  8. TardRepellent says:

    I wanna see the full clip of that chick beating the shit out that kid!

  9. warpedsavage says:

    I hope mayweather breaks his leg next this year

  10. warpedsavage says:

    wtf mayweather is fucking stupid

  11. EraserTraceur says:

    Buah ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshssssasjdi

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