25 comments on “Interview with Frank Mir at the MMA AWARDS 2012”

  1. MarshhhMellowssssss says:

    Frank Mir has less views than the ronda rousey MMA awards video, what a fucking joke

  2. Daniel Malta says:

    I meant he should keep on doin’ it after retired, dawg. Calm down, Geez.

  3. SRehill7 says:

    Frank’s a cool guy

  4. LenSengoku says:

    frank mir cormier’s ging to be a great match up. frank’s really tightened up his stand up game, i think cormier’s a little more diverse with his stand up imo.. but frank will definitely hang.  cormier should win this.. just has to stay out of submissions, be alert and use his wrestling to stay out of it. should be good, can’t wait

  5. wcremix23 says:

    What do you mean Cain Velasquez doesn’t finish?…10 out of 12 fights have ended in tko/ko …get your facts straight Mir.

  6. joselito80 says:

    Marcus, I really like studio MMA and your interviewing style, that being said you need to prepare yourself better before interviewing the fighters, your “ignorance” comes as an insult sometimes, who ever is in the back end supporting you should provide you with the right tools and info at all time in order to be successful at interviewing this guys. My humble advise, keep up the good work!

  7. Ehrichee says:

    Love Mir, I sure he’ll defeat DC. If DC goes foe the take down again like usual good chance he’ll get subbed, DC might have more KO power but Mir has decent striking. Mir wins 9/10

  8. r4gEd says:

    “There’s no way he has the capacity to finish Mir.”

    Yeah you’re right, it’s not like Mir has been KTFO a total of SIX FUCKING TIMES. For fuck sakes a stiff jab puts Mir on queer street nowadays lmfao.

  9. KZ3fps says:

    Frank Mir is awesome. Love listening to his views on fights and MMA.

  10. vaterpolistzg says:

    you are wrong.Cormier doesnt have olympic gold medal

  11. MaxwellReviresco says:

    Mir is a legend! Love’em! I wish he could be the champ again.

  12. Independentlyfair says:

    Mir knows his shit. Love him or hate him? He did freakin Break Nog’s arm. And that ain’t no bull he cracked it like a toothpick

  13. Independentlyfair says:

    GOld Medal Grecco Olympic guy dude. Get a clue. He’ll throw Mir all over that cage. AND overroid.

  14. joe xtz says:

    lol few knockouts 9 knockout 2 dec

  15. lozzarini99 says:

    Are you joking? Cormier is an overhyped piece of shit that’s been fighting in a sub-standard promotion for his entire career. There’s no way he has the capacity to finish Mir. A lay and pray-induced UD is his only hope. Realistically I think Mir will TKO or sub him.

  16. Steve ss says:

    Danny you dumb shit Mir already has commentated in the WEC.

  17. jbillycrack says:

    mir put a curse on him

  18. Daniel Malta says:

    Mir should definitely go with the carreer in commentating and hosting. This guy is a fuckin’ fighting nerd.

  19. r4gEd says:

    Haha Mir is such a tool, please UFC hurry up and feed Mir to Cormier so that I can watch him get KTFO again.

  20. TheSkysAreEmpty says:

    An actual interview with Mir that didn’t make me want to smack him in the mouth, good job.

  21. mrshadeed says:

    I agree with his assessment of Dos Santos’ ground game. I was disappointed the JDS didn’t go for any relevant sub attempts to at least give Cain something to think about if the fight went to the ground. From watching the fight a few times, it seems that the majority of the training and prep was takedown defense (which he did very well) instead of scenarios where JDS was working from his back, going for armbars etc, triangles etc.

  22. El Duderino says:

    Cain has only won by decision twice, all he’s other wins were by TKO mostly in the first round and a few in the second.

  23. Chris Bond says:

    Fucking Francisco Miranda!! He is not going anywhere, just in the middle of the pack.

  24. Kris Diaz says:

    he does!

  25. Im2pacsAlter3 says:

    mir rules

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