22 comments on “Jackson KOs Beltran at Bellator MMA 108 and Askren Granted Full Release on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Bowmanganie says:

    Isn’t Dana on a roll of releasing the non-exciting fighters? I think that
    is why all of the fights suddenly got exciting. Once Fitch was released
    everyone figured they could also be fighting is WSOF or Bellator soon and
    bam, the UFC has exciting fights. I don’t see Dana signing Askren unless
    there is some kind of huge fan call out for the UFC to do so, and from what
    I am hearing, that isn’t going to happen.

  2. hoghs1 says:

    Askrin is super boring. Why would UFC need a pylon from a fight promotion
    they openly call a joke? I constantly pay for ufc ppv but I will never buy
    one with askrin on the card. Never.

  3. JoeTube2 says:

    The guy on the right isn’t the smartest egg in the basket. Askren was the
    one who forced Rebney to release him as a free agent. The UFC would never
    say no to Askren, because of how good he is. It’s a matter of time before
    the UFC pick him up. They’re just playing politics with Bellator at the

  4. xxcage223 says:

    If Askren would sign with the UFC, he would flop. I see him lose guys like
    Condit, Lawler, lombard, Woodly, etc. 

  5. Jarrod s says:

    They don’t want Askren because he is a wrestler? and most of the fans seem
    to like it? You could be the best fighter in the world and these old WWE
    fans don’t care. UFC is turning into WWE. It’s no longer about real fights,
    its about entertaining brawls.

  6. Axel Pompee says:

    Askren vs Jake Sheilds!

  7. Tom Holland says:

    josh the punk thompson hahahahha fucking hell what a joke

  8. Mikey T says:

    Michael Chandler

  9. therealmo says:

    War Machine is messed up in the brain 

  10. Iain Grant says:

    I’d actually put CWFC ahead of Bellator as the worlds No. 2 MMA

  11. 792bnz says:

    john ramdeen is good but he tries to explain too much. he can easily drain
    over a minute trying to make his point. he is good so im not hating, just a
    little less

  12. GregBushMoose says:

    Solid Number 2. Yuck.

  13. Bobby Cullari says:

    Askren is boring….the UFC does not need any more boring welterweights. 

  14. fostfost says:

    5:33 – “A solid number 2” nice way to describe Bellator

  15. Bobby Cullari says:

    Rampage’s best MMA is past, but he proved that he still has desire and
    skill. Best wishes for Rampage!

  16. Keyser Smokey says:

    Full release? Like a happy ending?

  17. 37robles says:

    Put Aksren in ONE FC and have him kneed in a scramble

  18. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – Jackson KOs Beltran at Bellator MMA 108 and Askren
    Granted Full Release on MMA Newsmakers: Jackson KOs Beltran at Bellator MMA
    108 and Askren Granted Full Release on MMA Newsmakers
    http://www.fightnetwork.com – Fight Network’s John Pollock and John Ramdeen
    bring… #MMA @fightnet

  19. psytanto says:

    AWW, I was hoping that Askren and Wilcox would step into the ring at 170
    and see if I will literally die from boredom. 

  20. Chris Sirc says:

    Askren vs rick hawn. 

  21. Maverik says:

    Ben asskrin talks about wanting to go to the Ufc as a belitor champion I
    dont blame them for dropping Him on his ass

  22. vadimyakus says:

    Ben is an excellent wrestler! Amazing wrestler, but I prefer to see him
    competing in USA Olympic wrestling team then. Not in MMA!!!

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