25 comments on ““Japanese MMA & The Yakuza” with Enson Inoue (from Joe Rogan Experience #316)”

  1. GearsDemon says:

    The japanese guys haven’t been able to dominate in the UFC yet but there is
    no doubt in my mind from what i’ve heard and seen that japan has mentally
    stronger people then north america.

  2. The Duncan Trussell Family Hour says:

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  3. xhar ilithus says:

    2nd! <3 ya joe

  4. TheDriftingsmoke says:

    gangsters have no honor you stupid fucks.

  5. weinerman09 says:

    Joes Japanese fetish surfaces once again, in an unusual manner.

  6. Jack Reaper says:

    This guy is a pure fantasy artist. 

  7. Chris Harvey says:

    Jsiwozjcncjsksoeurhtbduwyqorigjchcbvjvjfjdjaosofoblvkncbxhsywyej 8===>—

  8. Ludwig Van says:


  9. brian vegas says:

    joe rogan is half black.

  10. coltonrunner says:

    I remember this

  11. Russell Peterson says:

    What a douche.

  12. Thurnis Haley says:

    More podcasts please:) 

  13. Maxzilla33 says:

    Loved this episode, never heard of Enson before but I really respected the
    things he said. Really cool to listen to the older fighters talk.

  14. MrThedirtyduo says:

    Joe we are your flock and you are shepherd. Lead us from the rest of the
    sheep and remove the blindness that are government and society has
    installed upon us from birth. 

  15. alkafif says:

    I’d like to see joe rogan commentate those Yakuza events, that’d be
    something new lol

  16. Bunating V says:

    great upload, really interesting about mafia involvement in mma in Japan.
    it’s also crazy to think the multinatonal companies involved with yakuza

  17. Diego Jordan says:


  18. Daggerfall40 says:

    Fascinating stuff

  19. kylestarfaux says:

    my understanding of the yakuza is that it works almost like any other
    protection racket. you pay them and in many situations, they keep a lot of
    trouble out of most areas. based only on what I’ve read and seen they keep
    their doings out of the sight of much of the public and in turn keep other
    violent drug dealers/gangsters at bay

  20. Christian Tomaselli says:

    not much honor in america…. even after all japan has been through, there
    is still some honor in those people.

  21. Anthony 'Man' Stoner says:

    the ultimate fighter Japan sounds like a good idea

  22. Keanudabeast says:

    What when did you have enson on?

  23. Jin Tran says:

    YAKUZA IS not as bad as you think. DAMN i wanna tell my story!

  24. Jin Tran says:

    i had a prob with them too. i would love to tell my story! ans yes im black
    and still living in japan.

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