25 comments on “Jason “Mayhem” Miller talks return to MMA, changes, apologies, Nick Diaz, Uriah Hall & more”

  1. TheMonkeyMedicine says:

    I would love to see Diaz pepper spray Miller’s face for five rounds, or 4,
    or 3, or 2, or 1. Just to see Miller’s face be used as a punching once
    again, since Bisbing used his face as knuckle cushion.

  2. Glenn Gambitier says:

    Find some bullies to beat up instead, I don’t think it’s a good idea for
    you to go back to mma.

  3. KMA3690 says:

    i’d like to see him come back just so he can get fucked up for being a dick

  4. Raven Blaze says:

    I’ve always respected Jason he’s a cool guy

  5. Zebus112 says:

    2013 wasn’t that good number for me either

  6. ReLOVEutionNOW says:

    mayhem is a scrub he has no business calling out Nick Diaz.

  7. blackstang201150 says:

    Whatever you do Mayhem, don’t get back in the ring with Michael Bisping.
    That dude almost killed you.

  8. fcastle says:

    funny all the people saying this is hard to watch and how Mayhem is fried,
    yet a Nick Diaz talk is far more incoherent and random than this….even
    during a post fight conference 

  9. tlc kijiji says:

    Adam Collins needs to take Jason Millers scrot out his throat.

  10. PolskiProdigy says:

    “I’m more black than I am racist” haha made my day.

  11. Tyrone Jackson says:

    Why can’t this dude just be himself, it’s painful to watch him putting on a
    role all the time. Making those stupid facial expressions, painting his
    hair etc. It’s like watching a bad actor. Miller is just a poser, and he
    hasn’t changed and never will, just like he said.

  12. Oldscaf says:

    Still. Total. Loser.

  13. James Sale says:

    The guys trying to get his life back on track and all anyone wants to do is
    insult him. Hes done some VERY questionable things and I understand if some
    people can’t forgive his actions, thats fine, but don’t stoop to the lows
    of spamming his vids with hateful comments. Just don’t watch them. Simple
    as. I believe deep down, hes a good dude, who’s just had a tough time.

  14. Donald Diaz says:

    miller is done, the guy no hespect nothing 

  15. hoss011 says:

    its good to see a odd guy like miller in the sport… at least some people
    out there arent robots and actually have a personality.. 

  16. green98peon says:

    He wants to fight Steven Hawking. Pretty fucked up but made me laugh a
    little bit.

  17. fahadkelantan says:

    I hope he gets well. But for those who haven’t seen him earlier in his
    career. Mayhem choked out Jake Shields who was saved by the bell. Mayhem
    went to the ground with Jacare Souza, one of the all time greats in BJJ. He
    beat Robbie Lawler who is fighting for the title, and Tim Kennedy. He had
    the best ever walkout entrances with school girls and crazy ass dancing.
    Mayhem has so much potential it is sad to see him like this.

  18. cody vegas says:

    wow so many Mayhem haters

  19. misterexpensive says:

    He sounds like he has his head in the right place. He said nothing wrong
    and he touched on various subjects with ease and effortless. Good signs. I
    am glad for him. Hope he really innovates himself. Would like to watch him
    fight again. 

  20. Chris Hayes says:

    GSP vs Miller.. best Mayhem Miller fight ever.

  21. oakden1991 says:

    Love to see him succeed and show up all you haters

  22. Allen Rodriguez says:

    please miller, call out diaz. Make a seperate youtube vid and just call him
    out, i want to see him come back AND beat the shit out of you. 

  23. James Hernandez says:

    Quit your day job buddy.

  24. Tobias Nordstrand says:

    Good Look Jason “Mayhem” Miller

  25. Intrepid mind says:

    smart move. If he pisses off nick and nick calls dana. To get nick back
    dana would have to take miller back 

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