3 comments on “Jenna Jameson on MMA fighter manhunt, friend’s condition”

  1. Khaos969 says:

    Basically War Machine caught her cheating on him …. the guys got her name
    across his neck you think hes just gonna take it lightly?! shes an idiot as
    well…sorry but its true… What he did was out of line of course guys an
    ass hole… but women need to realise …if a woman caught a man cheating
    she would attack him with slaps scratches kicks maybe punches but a guy can
    just either run, hold there arms and say sorry like a dick…and the girl
    physically cant do much…. now if a MAN catches his girl cheating not only
    does he have high levels of Testosterone which means hes bigger stronger
    faster angrier …he isnt going to scratch and slap hes going to kick and
    punch…. some guys cant control there inner pain so they have to react

  2. rrek7 says:

    “i know you have to catch a flight and you SQUEEZED this in” lol @ dr drew

  3. TheMan says:

    Jenna…trying to get her personal plug in there as if Tito used to do the
    same to her, lol. She tried that once and got laughed down. Tito got
    custody of the kids (both) because in court he showed the judge how Jenna
    is a drug addict and claimed in court she was actually crazy. How often
    does the man who fights in a cage for a living get custody of BOTH kids.
    You know Jenna is a genuine wack job….when she’s not giving a blowjob or
    a handjob or other pleasantries. 

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