20 comments on “Jim Ross Expects Big Things From CM Punk in MMA”

  1. jonathan roche says:

    Jim Ross is a legend 

  2. Wolf Spritzer says:

    did he just say the strongest thing punks ever done is pick up a cup of

  3. Obito Uchiha says:

    This fat fuck, ( I know who he is) sounds exactly like boogie2988.

  4. TheAllstar22 says:

    Imagine the flop that would happen if Punk goes in to the cage the bell
    rings, he starts walking forward and the first hit connect and he goes out
    cold. THat’d be the most awkward thing ever.

  5. 2kTweeK says:

    I still remember when brock was schedule to fight my favorite jds jim ross
    said nobody can beat lesnar except cain that made me hate him

  6. Ian Maldonado says:

    Bahhh gawwd he is broken in half!!!

  7. max yang says:

    This dudes a clown. He will get shieeet on.

  8. EraserTraceur says:

    “The strongest thing Ive seen this guy do is drink a cup of coffee.”
    -Jim Ross,2015.

  9. Damian Engoring says:

    I doubt wwe actors are into MMA. 

  10. Glaskruka says:

    He doesn’t move his upper lip when he is talking, what a weird guy

  11. Zeus _ says:

    what the hell does JR know about mma?? dude is unathletic as hell and sells
    bbq sauce for a living….NEXT

  12. Jon Leon says:

    Jim Ross not calling WWE programming is a joke. 

  13. EraserTraceur says:

    Whoah…what the fuck? Ive never seen that before. Should we burn it with

  14. Kevin Wong says:

    CM is not going to make it. 

  15. John Pennington says:

    Jim Ross is a boss

  16. LOSGUERREROS619 says:

    ‘Bah Gawd’ 

  17. Puddi77 says:

    JR suffers from Bell’s Palsey, a disorder of the nerve that controls
    movement of the muscles in the face.

  18. Nuwanda84 says:

    what the fuck is wrong with this guys mouth/chin area. it looks like he had
    a major car accident and they stitched the bottom half of his face back

  19. Cage Riot MMA says:

    AXS TV – Jim Ross Has High Expectations for CM Punk in MMA: Jim Ross Has
    High Expectations for CM Punk in MMA Legendary wrestling commentator Jim
    Ross appeared on INSIDE MMA and gave his opinion on Phil “CM Punk” Brooks’
    transition from professional… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA

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