24 comments on “Jon Jones on EA Sports UFC cover, Alexander Gustafsson, More”

  1. ivanzc11 says:

    This faggot waxes his eyebrows now?

  2. LilBlitz116 says:

    I had 2,4&5 for jones as well. And the commentary really sways your opinion when watching the fight cuz joe rogan is so exciting and enthusiastic

  3. Tristan Morrison says:

    I really think deep down that Jon Jones doesn’t want to give my man a straight rematch. Where the fuck is Dana whites saying in all of this ?? He fully deserved he’s rematch

  4. MMAsamurai8 says:

    He complains about texiera getting the shot afer Bader, he got a shot after Bader… He complains about Gus getting a shot through nog, nogs coming off a win over Rashad and is at the top of the division. Idk I just think he should shut it every now then

  5. MMAsamurai8 says:

    Jon Jones can’t say everything was off because he didn’t fight like he does every other time. He was the most pumped beforehand that he’s ever been just watch the weighin and walkin(which he cited himself for the opposite reason oddly enough). Just because hes fighting someone better and doesnt get the standing guillotine doesnt mean he was off that day

  6. MMAsamurai8 says:

    The champ has to take on the tough guys. They’re defending the belt. All the contenders can’t beat each other out. And Vitor hasnt been at 205 as his main weight since his old days when he won the belt. And Lyoto is one fighter that I’m sure you like and I do too but 205 is still solid

  7. MMAsamurai8 says:

    Your an idiot

  8. Javier Espinoza says:

    Dc vs Alexander, I feel you jon jones. They need to fight top guys over n over then get a shot. Maybe Alexander vs idk lol 205 sucks now days. Lyoto and vitor 185 so idk who can challenge Bones

  9. Javier Espinoza says:

    Lol I like great fighters

  10. tomUFCclark says:

    I love how everyone hates Jones, then everyone loves Jones and hates on people who hate him, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  11. deemorris9000 says:

    Casual viewers think Gus won, stats show otherwise. Sidenote if Gus is gonna challenge jones in the future truly he better throw more power in his punches and ease up on the jabs.

  12. ThoughtDifference says:

    Anyone hate on Jon Jones choke on a big bone!

  13. jesterjuggalopsl says:

    He says because of the way he trains he expected the fight would be similar to the others then later contradicts himself.

  14. Kevin Castaneda says:

    100% agree

  15. Rudy Acosta says:

    Gustafson won

  16. mozmanag says:

    Great fight but Jones won get over it. Jones will dominate the rematch.

  17. Muyanzi Reid says:

    Gustafsson ran away from Jones all night haha

  18. freecaz says:

    Everyone looks passed glover, just like everyone looked passed gustoffsen.

  19. Alejandro Cruz says:

    Man U are not the Champ Bs … Alexander Won…

  20. 420NMD says:

    He makes a good point about commentary, rogan wets his pants sometimes and get carried away all the time. He had people thinking gufto was on top which wasn’t really true at all. But the jones haters eat it up like sheep

  21. lemuelrivera18 says:

    Yea but when he fought bader , bader was considered one of the best light heavyweights in the world it made perfect sense and it was a fill in fight. I swear anybody who hates on Jon Jones just has to be a racist. I’ve been following Jon Jones since his very first mma fight and I’m telling you. He is without a doubt the best martial artist in the world. And he handles himself very well for a man of his age.

  22. SWAGGERwrestling says:

    All he does is fucking complain

  23. smdbch1 says:

    Jon fought Bader then got a title fight against Shogun so it doesn’t make sense that he brings that up regarding Gus and Glover. He just doesn’t want to face Gus again, and damn, Alex cut him so bad that it left a permanent mark.

  24. namor roman says:

    everything jones says in this interview has merit, you guys are just haters

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