25 comments on “Jon Jones on mapping his future, becoming UFC heavyweight champion and more”

  1. Abbad1993 says:

    I agree with him with delaying the Gus fight.I want Gus to come back even
    better and then i want a rematch because if they were to fight again and
    say Gus loses then Jones goes to heavyweight then that’s it but let Gus
    reach his true potential first then rematch.

  2. 4g63mark says:

    I’m really glad to hear Jon Jones lashing out at some of the hardcore MMA
    fans. He’s right though. Many of us do get pretty silly sometimes with our
    behavior towards fighters. Particularly the younger fans who are much less
    mature. The fans in their 30’s with a decent education are more inclined to
    backing off the silly behavior and “hating.”

  3. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    Gustafson and Hendricks are the real champs. Hendricks won 1,2, and 4, and
    Gus won the entire fight other than the last 7 minutes. He did lose 4 and
    5, and ended poorly but this sport is judged round to round and Gus easily
    won the first 3, including round 2

  4. Ricky Parmar says:

    can’t answer the cormier question!

  5. Ryan Rick says:

    i love how when they asked for glover he answered false no hesitating then
    next question same question but with cormier and he looks like his scared 

  6. john carter says:

    man i don’t think jon jones can beat the heavyweight champion cain
    Cain is to strong for him and he hits like a bull. I don’t think its
    possible for jon to use his wrestling at cain. That guys a beast but it
    will be intresting though

  7. Michael Perone says:

    JDS would smash Jones let alone Cain.

  8. Noe Ramirez says:

    Jon jones might not be scared of DC but he knows he has a great chance to
    beat him #truth

  9. ben kell says:

    you have to answer. No I don’t ahha

  10. Gedas kirsch says:

    i am a big fan of Jon Jones as Anderson Silva and Gsp to but i do not
    understand arn’t he sup’s to fight Alexander Gustafson second time?? This
    was a title shot everybody fights two times for the title and that was a
    fight with showed that Alexander deserves to have a second fight for the
    title shot UFC getting funny now they rap they hand around that belt and
    then whant to keep it doing nothing . That is not fear . 

  11. Montego Kornegay says:

    Big fan Jon but don’t take your ass to the heavy weight division or ask for
    a boxing match with the Klitschko brothers. I saw you’r boxing against
    Alexander G and you’r not nearly on that level of a boxer who has been
    doing it since he was 5. I also saw you get handled by Alexander G by
    getting taken down and he is not even a grappler. Cain will take you down
    and dominate you man. Stay in the LHW division and pray you can get past AG
    and DC. 

  12. MMAKICK BOXER says:

    Wanna know how you know who a true champion is? Look at the 5th round.

    What round did Anderson Silva turn things around and tap Chael out? The 5th
    round. What round did GSP win CLEARLY? The 5th round.
    What Round did Jones also win very clearly? The 4th and 5th.
    This is the round that separates champions from contenders.
    This is the round that usually shows what a champion is made of. Or what a
    contender is made of.

    Johny Hendricks did not fight like a champion in the 5th round, GSP did…
    Gustafsson definitely fought his heart out, but Jones being the Champ
    showed why he is the champ. Like Gustafsson said… “He is the champ for a
    This is why its called “The championship rounds”. Beat the champ in the
    championship rounds and you have my utmost respect. Just a thought. 

  13. Bi Tw says:

    @JackFrost You’re so dumb. Did he say Glover is tougher than Gus? FALSE.
    Did he say he would dominate Gus the next time around? TRUE. Both your dumb
    arguments are invalid

  14. Kautsky1000 says:

    I’m a swedish Gustafsson-fan and must agree with this guy that Jones won by
    3-2. That’s off course with regard to how judges are supposed to score
    fights according to the rules. But I could have seen it a draw more than a
    win for Jones since Jones was most destroyed afterwards.

    Btw: He doesn’t sound too modest and nice listening to this interview, he
    sounds more like a pretentious douche bag. The DUI stuff might very well
    happen again or at least something close to it.

  15. zeebaysnk says:

    mma fans are the most stupid fans i have ever seen. they care about
    fighters respecting each other, being humble and all that extra bullshit.
    it is a freaking fight and fighters shld be judged based on their fighting
    ability. you shld not like a fighter cuz he sucks at fighting and not
    because he is not being nice.

  16. FightScienceAa82 says:

    Jon Jones beat a short notice out of shape Vitor. Jon did not face the
    Vitor that the last 3 fighters (Michael Bisbing, Luke Rockhold and Dan
    Henderson) did. That is a concrete fact. That said Jon is a special man and

  17. l says:

    this guy, all he does is talk shit and fight scared. if he fought like he
    talked he would be 10x better, but he’s got the b– in him. fuck off jon.
    be a man. act like you have any pride stop talking about HWs when you’re
    ducking LHWs.

  18. strictlybangers says:

    I used to really dislike you mr interviewer but I have to say, unlike karyn
    bryant you didnt once speak about yourself and unlike ariel helwani you
    didnt finish the interview with a cheesy ass kissing ender about how you
    swell with pride just watching etc etc. great questions, poignant and no
    interrupting too. good job luke thomas, i will now also follow you on
    twitter. thank you for your work.

  19. Tike_Myson says:

    gustaffson is a tall sloppy guy, hes no match to jbj power and will never
    be champion as long as jbj in lhw
    also vitor took jbj to deeper water than gustaffson. getting from that
    armbar was sick.
    the main damge that gus did is from that douche punch that cut jbj 

  20. thequantumvacuum says:

    technical critique: dont shoot into the windows, and if you have no choice,
    fix it with software. This is an interview, and you had the time. Pass it
    on to your people.

  21. lonnie333 says:

    Excellent questions and great job Luke Thomas.

  22. TheMrjuicer says:

    We’ll see, but I got my money on cain and you say he gasses out, let’s see
    your boy jones put up a pace like cain’s, I don’t think he can.

  23. iphone202020220 says:

    For all the butthurt fans that think hendricks won,go check out the phantom
    cam highlights,most of his punches barely touched so he could never get in
    hard punches,gsp’s face always cuts easy,go look at the previous fights he

  24. gabos says:

    Jones seems a lot more relaxed around media now. It seems like he is
    maturing as a person which is good to see. I think jones is going to be the
    GOAT after he wins the HW title in a year or two.

  25. bukofezra says:

    Jon Jones would get smashed by Cain, Dos Santos, Gonzaga, and whatever
    other top heavyweight you put him up against…he better stay at light
    heavyweight until Cain retires.

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