17 comments on “Jon Jones Responds To Recent Criticism on Inside MMA”

  1. ZenPhilosopher123 says:

    Jon Jones has stated that he has a special affection for black MMA

  2. syndawg89 says:

    Even though it’s obvious what Phil is doing you gotta feel bad for him,
    even though he and Gus pretty much have the same record and Phil actually
    beat Gus, he got snubbed for the title fight cause he lost to Rashad.
    Texeira squeezed in front of him despite beating no top ten fighters which
    must have pissed him right off.
    Since he last fought and beat Machida, Machida has gone on to fight twice
    and get a title shot in a different division, this must also have pissed
    him off
    Now to make matters worse, all of a sudden Daniel “1-0 at LHW against
    Patrick Cummings” Cormier and Dan “42 year old on a 1-3 streak” Henderson
    are in a title eliminator whilst Davis fights a promotional returner. The
    man must be going crazy wondering what Dana has against him. I can accept
    him being slightly behind Gus and Glover, just about. But below Cormier and
    Henderson? Disgusting. I know Cormier’s trail of bodies at HW is world
    class but come on, one fight at LHW against a nobody and now fights an old
    man to get a shot? At least Machida had to take on two warriors in their
    prime plus have a bit of luck with the whole trt thing to get a shot.

    tl;dr Phil Davis is almost getting buried by the UFC

  3. TomsGotPowers says:

    He looks like a fucking creme egg 

  4. Chris M says:

    Jon Jones and John Cena sound allot alike……..hmmmmm

  5. James Canlas says:

    Jones bashing in 3..2..1

  6. xHighDeff says:

    Jones is a scumbag and should keep his evil religion out of the workplace.

  7. Jon Smith says:

    Davis is selling wolf tickets homie

  8. Sigma Spade says:

    jones would smack davis inside the octagon

  9. J Galvan says:

    ever since Jon Jones got that DUI he’s been expressing this “mature” class
    act but I don’t buy it

  10. Shinobi Magos says:

    Class act !

  11. refugiorod says:

    Jon Jones, George and Cain dont want to fall in the same category as the
    fake WWE wrestlers. They do thier talking in the ring….

  12. Jack Roberts says:

    Bloody hell, post the whole interview…

  13. domination5281 says:

    Phil is trollin’ to get a fight! lol Jones wins by rear-naked bitch smack.

  14. SmoothS says:

    Jon Jones smashes Phil Davis… Next.

  15. adob0streak says:

    chael sonnen? bitch you were friends with him leading up to the fight. u
    mean rashad. this guy wants to walk in anderson silva’s shoes so bad he
    forgets what actually happened

  16. Max Payne says:

    phil davis is a faggot for wearing those pink shorts(NO disrespect to rich
    franklin)but i cant wait till rumble johnson kos him.

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