25 comments on “Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson UFC 165 Fight – Many MMA Pros Think Gustafsson Won – Reaction”

  1. francis banks says:


  2. francis banks says:


  3. francis banks says:


  4. Tom Dwan says:

    round 2 was close, 1 and 3 easily to gustaffson. gustaffson landed more in round 4, but got fucked up in the last 45 seconds…. surely gustaffson got either round 2 or 4…

  5. tango nz says:

    Jones got his face pushed in, what a mess. On what planet do you smash a guy face, win on all stats, in every category, in every round, take virtually no damage, and loose a fight?
    What a joke.
    Gustafsson a clear winner.

  6. mryip74 says:

    sorry for the 4 post, they liimit me to 500 characters…per post

  7. mryip74 says:

    Terrible judging. What fight were they watching? Jones drops three rounds clean as little more than an amateur sparring partner, and gets awarded a win for ….. being an endorsed product in an American markert that would never dream of selling a Swede. Gustafson was robbed. Plain and simple. And what did we learn about Jon Jones? Matched with someone his own size, and reach ….. he is an exceptionally ordinary, and incredibly flawed fighter.

  8. mryip74 says:

    the 49/46 judge should be interviewed on live tv and asked how he came to this conclusion and to let us see his score card.
    that judge should have been fired…not today, but yesterday.
    if it was a split decision with one of them taking it it would make more sense, but to have two 48/47 and one 49/46 com’on now?

  9. mryip74 says:

    i have alex winning via effective offence, defence and overall implementation of game plan. jones strong point was going forward and taking a beating on the head. bones looks more fancy, but took most of the damages.

  10. mryip74 says:

    mma fighter opinions are often biased. don’t trust them, esp kenny florian. he talks carefully and is very political to not rub powerful people the wrong way…i.e., dana and the gang.
    big john knows who won, b/c he’s in there with the best of them and has seen many fights. big john showed signs of disgust in his body language after it was announced. i’m a fan of jones, but i’m a bigger fan of the truth. Alex won this fight. Alex wasn’t as flashying,but anyone that knows mma looks for damage

  11. losmaces says:

    gus won!!! shitty decision i bet its the same guys that judged machida x davis

  12. Matt UK1 says:

    the strikes where counted. the counter showed Jones landed more. but Gus did more damage no doubt. I think this will make Gustafsson super hungry for the rematch I think we will see a new champion.

  13. kanguesso says:

    We will agree to disagree. I saw it differently. I saw Gustafsson landing more than Jones in Rounds 1 2 and 3 and some parts of round 5. Jones’ face does not lie. It was not an accident his face looked the way it did.

  14. Matt UK1 says:

    how did jones lose round 2 he landed more punches more elbow more knees and more kicks how out scored gus in every way. only just buy he was a head round 1 and 3 where defo gus. im a gustafsson fan but face is he lost

  15. Richard Belmont says:

    Jones lost the first 4. Round 4 was Gustaffsons until the last minute that he slipped up and let himself get caught with that elbow. Even then Jones still didn’t do enough to win the fourth. He couldn’t even knock Gustafsson out when he had the his chance lol. Talk about having a chin.

  16. Richard Belmont says:

    Jones needed help walking. His face wasn’t even recognizable. Jones needed to be taken to the hospital in a stretcher. Gustaffsson conducted several interviews after the fight and said he was ready for the rematch whenever the UFC decides it’s time.

  17. Richard Belmont says:

    That’s why his face was all fucked up and he had to be taken out of the hospital in a stretcher. Gustaffsson done a few interviews and said he was ready for a rematch.

  18. Richard Belmont says:

    4 rounds. He won the first 3 and barely the 4th. He would of dominated the 4th if he had emphasized defense a little bit more and not allowed himself to get caught in the head so many times.

  19. southernboyw says:

    Professional fighters are just fans when their not fight lol.

  20. southernboyw says:

    The fight was even going into round 5 and we know who won round 5.

  21. Ryan Rick says:

    gustafasson couldnt continue anymore 5th round it was over for him

  22. Ryan Rick says:

    Jones won 4 rounds 

  23. Danny Lè says:

    I think Jon won. He clearly won the 4th and 5th round and the first 3 were really up for grabs.

  24. 4iamu says:

    The 4th round is where Gus really lost the fight. The fight was his to take, but he slipped and let that sinning elbow rock his world. That changed the momentum for the rest of the fight and apparently impacted the way the judging decisions for the last round. Round 5, both men were obviously exhausted, but Jones landed the most devastating shots. I scored this fight JJ 2,4, and 5. Gus 1 and 3. Both fighters are winners in my book. Will be a rematch, guaranteed!

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