9 comments on “Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson UFC 165 Fight – Reaction by “MMA Expert” John D. Villarreal”

  1. Fu Tang says:

    I had Jones

  2. Rshen11 says:

    Gus won that shit.

  3. j3ohnny says:

    ive been mad since the fight, I gave gus the first three rounds. I just watched the post fight show and figure chael and cruz would give gus big props say it could of gone either way at least but all they did was praise jones saying it was his best performance and the clips they showed were all jones getting off.

  4. chjhhhhhh1 says:

    Man perfect fight. I was sweating during whole fight.

  5. chjhhhhhh1 says:

    Alex did great. Thats for sure.
    I scored it first round for alex, second and tired- even, and 4th and 5th def. Was jon’s… jones was landing highkicks and alex was so tired that he coudnt even put his hands guards and eat that kicks.
    But i def. Agree with demige. Jon’s face looked a lot more demiged and cut.
    So i thought that was a tie.
    I wouldnt be supprised if the desicion was a tie.
    Gustffson did perfect. He improved his wrestling a lot and he was the first one not dominated by jon phycaly

  6. Conservative New Media says:

    I’m seeing a lot of ppl saying Alexander won on the Net. Thanks for the comment.

  7. purpulehaze says:

    Alexander for the win. Complete robbery.

  8. Conservative New Media says:


  9. 09camaross427 says:

    Close fight and the toughest jones fight ever wow…

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