25 comments on “Jones & Cormier Brawl and WSOF 14: Ford vs. Shields on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Petri Rendi says:

    Wow Ramdeen making sense…I’m stunned

  2. Renzogmg says:

    Robin Black, I disagree with you for the first time

  3. McGeezle says:

    shields’ striking is so fucking bad it makes me sick

  4. james D says:

    Totally agree with Robin. As for Ramdeen, if you think it’s all good coz
    someone made some $$$, your an idiot. Who gives a shit? It lowers the
    standard of the sport and those who compete in it. Why don’t you stand for
    something bro?

  5. bernotas93 says:

    ufc is fucking lame it’s not pure every fighter should be on performance
    enhancing drugs to have the best fights possible, fucking pussy ass sport

  6. James Canlas says:

    we live in a pussy world

  7. dee aldo says:

    what’s really matter is September 27 inside the octagon,n of course we all
    love bit of action before the fight but JJ is fucking clown when he jump on
    the stage after the brawl with DC n start screaming like a 15 years old
    kiddo,not cool 4 the guy who is #1p4p best fighter in the world n LHW

  8. Zlatan Kekić says:

    Brawls are like Sex. They sell.

  9. Christopher Leyva says:

    +Robin Black This makes it look less than a sport and more of a street
    fight. Thugs belong on the street not in the cage.

  10. vadimyakus says:

    What a Fake! UFC is fake these days.

  11. death2nubbynubs says:

    Robin answer this… We use the excuse ‘this is a fight, this is the fight
    game’ however when shit like this happens you expect the athletes to act so
    P.C. Well am I wrong but this is “A FIGHT” and people who want to see the
    real thing are waiting anxiously and this makes them more anxious. If some
    people don’t want to see a fight because of a fight then they aren’t an
    never will be fight fans. 

  12. Luke Skypestalker says:

    Robin , Im f@cking foul mouthed but you’re good enough you don’t need to be
    during your show.

  13. E LOZ Global says:

    i am surrounded by athletes that is why i completely agree with robin
    black. why? because only the ones that have fought or somewhat played
    around with striking/grappling on a competitive level will understand that
    mma is a real sport. almost everyone of the athletes that only stuck with
    ball sports mostly /basketball players that i have encountered think its
    too violent. my reply is always, i have seen more people break their legs
    in basket ball than fighters do in ufc.

  14. HOM3GROWN93 says:

    I agree with you to a certain extant Robin, but In the end these guys are
    trained killers, they train to destroy there opponents and they have to go
    face to face with them the next minute. Both guys felt disrespected and
    lost their temper. After all the hard the UFC has done to make the UFC and
    MMA legit, this type of stuff does send it back a notch with the people who
    already disliked it and had question about the sport as a whole. Then their
    is the positive side where its getting massive TV time and headlining most
    major sports websites and TV shows ect. Then the at least 200,000 people
    that are now going to watch the fight because of this. It also builds a
    tremendous amount of hype and really getting both Jones and Cormier fans
    involved. People are pumped to see Jon Jones smash DC and tons are pumped
    to see DC smash Jones. Its a exciting time for MMA fans.

  15. Frank V says:

    I disagree with Mr Black. One thing I can’t stand is when two guys fight
    and they are hugging each other and acting like they are best friends. I
    like to see some level of hate and this did the trick. After the fight
    however, is a different story and I hate it when they don’t show respect
    for each other in that case. Do they have to go this far? No but it is a
    lot better than them acting like best friends. 

  16. Birdistheword628 says:

    This has happened plenty of times in boxing and didn’t mess up anything.
    The fact is, whether it was good or bad, what happened between Jones and
    Cormier added at least 200,000 more buys, and they’re getting plenty of
    extra press.

  17. jrufus11 says:

    Anyone who has seen the video shot from the other angle that one clearly
    shows all punches were to the arms only,look at their faces 2 high level
    mma fighters fighting with no gloves and not one bruise or cut??? Was
    expecting the metal chair over the head lol.. N.s.a.c ain?t going to do
    nothing guaranteed because they know no one got hurt in this staged event?

  18. PizzaCandyChipsPop says:

    Robin doesnt understand because he is Canadian! 

  19. jg0r says:

    Robin Black NAILED it when he was talking about the scuffle. This is the
    type of shit that makes me embarrassed to be an MMA fan. 

  20. Jun Tan says:

    I know why Nike sponsor him. Because he don’t think before doing. “Just Do
    It” 🙂

    And surprisingly this episodes robin black and you didn’t discuss about
    sonnen. Hahahaha..

  21. Mike dexter. says:

    Totally agree Robin. Grown men acting like kids. No call for it whatsoever.

  22. NiNjAxASSASiN says:

    This guy need the shut the fuck up.. He sounds like an idiot

  23. hershysquirts187 says:

    Jon threw Dana like a rag doll.

  24. mohammad haq says:

    robin i am a big fan but go to disagree with you there…..people who think
    its barbaric probably will never like fighting… people who do like
    fighting are more interested in this now cuz of a brawl, this card is
    stacked as hell but that brawl kind of added a new flavor to it.. def gonna
    be the best card dis year.

  25. FF MMA says:

    Nearly came to blows Ramdeen? No they did throw blows and Jones landed
    quite a few. Jones may had gotten this one but in the cage DC is gonna
    become the new Champ! WOO! :)

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