25 comments on “Jones Suggests Gustafsson-Cormier Bout, TUF 19 & More on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Mark Horp says:

    Jones want to go to heavyweight and he does not want 3 hard fights before
    that.. he tries to narrow it down to 2..

  2. kopxpert says:

    People are looking pass Glover… it’s crazy…

  3. Milo Bozovich says:

    Come on guys, Jones suggesting Gustaffsson-Cormier match is weak news..
    last week

  4. Damax Zelev says:

    Jones is doing the Mayweather thing, dodging legitamate contenders and
    faking injuries. He is trying to stay at the top the wrong way. Do it old
    school 8 man tournament in one night. No rounds 20 min. No judges peoples
    choice. And allow kicking on the ground. No stalling allowed. Pride rules.

  5. dee aldo says:

    Jones should b worried about Glover,cos he will give him dog fight same as

  6. AlliedForces says:

    we will give u an extra million bucks Jon. man Robin stfu u ain’t got a
    clue what goes on behind the scenes with negotiations

  7. Matt J says:

    People are talking like they forgot Jones is defending his title against
    Glover. I’m glad Jones or any champion don’t spend their time on the
    internet looking at the rubbish people wrote about them.

  8. Case Morg says:

    In a parallel reality that may be more true than this one Gus is the one on
    top on to right now! because Jones has to win a fight before getting
    opportunity to fight the Mauler, that’s what he gets for not wanting the
    immediate rematch and going with Terxeria….

  9. wisestcrazyboy says:

    Jons proves that he can take a hit. I think the odds that Glover submits
    Jons are more likely then knocking him out. Jons is just superb at
    controlling the distance. 

  10. Plo Koon says:

    Jones is not in a position to talk about other fighters path to a title
    fight. He beat Bader, Matyushenko and Vera before his shot. So stop
    complaining. You’ll have to beat Gus, Cormier and Davis. 

  11. Edge Snob says:

    Jones be ducking!

  12. Booker Cocks says:

    Rofl @ Robins boots.

  13. blaze556922 says:

    No offense to the talented champion Jon Jones but who gives a fuck what he
    suggests… Especially regarding potential foes of his. He has no business
    trying to dictate who fights to get the next shot. He should focus on
    Glover because he has already been exposed by Gus. Glov is going to come at
    him hard!

  14. Raymond Klawiter says:

    Jones is just afraid to fight GUS!!! Stop trying to pick an choose your
    fights! You’re supposed to be the “champion” First just try to beat
    Glover… I used to be a Jones fan, until he didn’t fight sonnen. An
    started deciding who to fight. That’s not your job! Im pretty sure the ufc
    has a match maker. Oh yea Joe Silva dies that. Not Jon Jones

  15. Lopata991 says:

    When does Pettis vs melendez TUF begin?

  16. Mustafa Senegal says:

    Stop all this gus talk! First jones needs to win against glover then lets
    see whos next but for now glover need to get done

  17. Alex E says:

    Let Maldonado get his shot at Hendo, it would be a slugfest forsure 

  18. funkykush519 says:

    haha Jones is scared 

  19. Sion Low says:

    Jones wants to be respected for his ‘warrior spirit’ a true warrior would
    be begging to fight Gus to prove himself. Not that i doubt Jones will win
    but he is shitting bricks clearly.

  20. pewpewetc says:

    jon jonesneeds to stop being a pussy and trying to avoid gustafsson…kind
    of hope glover knocks jones the fuck out as him trying to avoid the rematch
    is starting to piss me off lol,
    I dont want to see cormier vs gustafssson before gus gets the rematch he
    deserves , in any way shape or form …

  21. MrWackywilson says:

    I like Glover for this one, he looks dangerous, and look at his record, its
    pretty ridiculous! Jones is a skilled fighter, strong and technically
    sound! BUT an animal like Glover? that is a different kettle of fish, I
    THINK WE WILL HAVE A NEW CHAMP, unless Jones pulls out? 

  22. fareedom says:

    Seems to me that Jones wants to gauge Cormier’s strategy against a taller
    fighter with more range in Gus before facing him. I love Jones but I’d
    leave the matchmaking to the UFC.

  23. Kbarn35 says:

    Jones mate I can smell your shit stained pants here from Australia. Leave
    the matchmaking to Joe Silva and Sean Shelby. Teixeira is a hand full as it

  24. Lopata991 says:

    Madonaldo looked so bad vs Gian, such a boring fight, gian was gassed and
    madonaldo couldn’t finish. 

  25. Lopata991 says:

    Jones is a pussy, just fight the swedish king and stfu.

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