25 comments on “Jones-Teixeira Confirmed, Ben Rothwell Suspended, and Matt Riddle Returns on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. adnatal says:

    Their last fight was fucking terrible but Werdum has been looking good lately he could probably finish Reem.

  2. rapinbatches says:

    yeah how does gustavson, prolly spelled wrong all u spell police little girls, how does he not get a rematch. that was a razor thin decision. jones is either ducking, or dana is riding the bones jones train as far as he can. prolly hopin anderson wins his fight so he can squeeze what juice is left from that superfight.

  3. larsoveful says:

    hopes teixeira kick his ass badly,that would be awwsome

  4. nmgnboy85 says:

    a fight with Overeem and vwerdum should be greal like in Pride FC

  5. McBallinXXII says:

    jones 1 2 4 5

  6. McBallinXXII says:

    jones 1 2 4 5

  7. JRoc14NSL says:

    Riddle fucked himself tho. It’s in teh rules you can’t smoke. They suspended diaz for a year for marijuana metabloids or something like that, not even failing a drug test. Diaz is a way bigger star than Riddle and they fucked him for a year, so yeah Riddle should’ve seen this coming. Buy a vaporizer riddle.

  8. JRoc14NSL says:

    Ufc suspending Rothwell is strange indeed. Jones ducking Gus.

  9. Mr Awesome McAwesome says:

    Why does Dana “fears” Glover?

  10. Mr Awesome McAwesome says:

    If the UFC only wants American champions, then why is Jose Aldo the UFC featherweight champ?? That doesn’t prove that they only want american champions. Don’t get me wrong i really wanted to see a immediate rematch between Gus and Jones but they have decided to give Glover a chance, and if Jones beats Glover then we will see the rematch (i’ll hope).

  11. Jerome Miyagi says:

    Gus deserves the re match! This is a scandal. Glover trxeira who? Jones will run over him. Gus is the real champ.

  12. Shredistan X says:

    although i do agree gus won the fight but arguably close , the rematch right away would be a gr8 idea but there are others in line if jones can beat glover which is no easy task,then he will fight gus its only 1 fight away i like it better then the imidiate rematch , they could of blown both these fights by putting gus vs glover bit before or even now and wait for daniel cormier to beat roy nelson and drop down to lhw&fight jones but they didnt they’re giving as many people possible the chance

  13. Shredistan X says:

    i really dont care about the winning streaks , mostly how he gets stunned and comes back with a k.o he has insane power 100% boxing skills but he is slow compared to guys in lhw like rashad or gus i just hope he cand land those big shots hes like JDS only a tad slower

  14. fordcitysales says:

    I vAl

  15. Vin Makaveli says:

    very true, a champion shouldnt be able to “say no” to a challenger

  16. Jerome Miyagi says:

    no Gustafsson? First he gets robbed of the win and now the rematch. This just proves more the UFC only wants american champions

  17. PhoenixIceable says:

    Since B. Rothwell got suspended, does that lost on B. Vera still goes on his record, or does it go to a no contest ?

  18. uman965 says:

    VERY TRUE!!!

  19. Aaron .ventura says:

    jones doesnt want it? who cares what he wants? .. gus proved himself and deserves a rematch.. ! wtf dana white?!

  20. Chris Ward says:

    Listen jones is tha champ and there is nothing none of us can do about it so stop bitching about it lets just hope jones wins against Glover and gus wins his next fight then gus can prove that tha judges were wrong in tha first fight when he gets his rematch but till then bithing isn’t going to do anything its falling on deaf ears

  21. phuck yoo says:

    Jones by flying elliptical kick. 

  22. philipee32 says:

    Can’t wait for riddle to get back in there and show those buttertooth brits what’s for

  23. Scoat DaGoat says:

    Dana fears Glover Teixeira! I want to see the rematch!

  24. NumeroSystem says:

    Not only is marijuana harmless but it’s good for you. How can testing against something that is good for you be legitimate?

  25. Josh Igoe says:

    protecting Vera ldo

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