4 comments on “José Aldo vc Chad Mendes Ultimate MMA HD UFC 179 26-10-2014”

  1. Herbert Docog says:

    Jose ” CHEAT ” Aldo Wins….

  2. Jesus is the king says:

    I understand chad was more tired than Aldo, chad needs to work more on his
    cardio and be faster because Aldo is aggressive, he needs dillashaw,
    dillashaw cardio is perfect, his kick is perfect and is faster and got
    power to send Aldo to the ground.

  3. Jesus is the king says:

    Jose Aldo is a boxer and kicker and he don’t run away, he stands up to
    fight, chad Mendes’s boxing is not at Aldo’s level but chad could get
    Aldo’s face swollen and it was due to his moving around the cage, so it
    means that chad should’ve move faster around or he should’ve imitated
    dillashaw style, because if you are fighting a dangerous opponent like him
    this is the only way you could beat him up. I think barao is more complete
    than Aldo and if Aldo fights dillashaw, I’m pretty sure Aldo gets a beat up
    because dillashaw is very fast and has improved a lot if he keeps fighting
    at that pace he gonna be dangerous, dillashaw style may frustrate this
    boxer because they wont be able too get a punch on him, too fast for them,
    only fast fighter can stop another fast fighter. 

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