25 comments on “Jose Canseco MMA Debut vs Hong Man Choi HQ”

  1. DeAno Jackson says:

    Too bad this wasn’t a ‘getting your @$$ beat’ contest. Canseco would have
    won, no question.

  2. Alex Mallinson says:

    Absolutely pathetic. He started off well but it just shows that you can
    learn to strike and grapple and get a good game plan but there is no
    replacement for toughness. Think Brock Lesnar.

  3. christopher rizzo says:

    Okay, okay… maybe I wouldn’t put my money on Canseco. 

  4. Jesse Andrade says:

    ✌HA HA HA! Jose Canseco gets destroyed. I don’t known why he was throwing
    those side push kicks!

  5. Briant Luong says:

    It was entertaining watching Jose Canseco try his MMA career vs a 7’2″

  6. Dan Monette says:

    What a damn fool.

  7. realrocky8591 says:

    Choi is 365 lbs, but looks like he’s 180 in this video because he’s just so
    lean. Definitely not a big belly, looks like he has a 30-36 inch waist at
    0:30 view.

  8. Corky Corcoran says:

    Choi isn’t one of the more talented MMA fighters out there, and he never
    was. Still, he HAS made a pretty good living fighting some of the best MMA
    fighters in the world, and he usually at least makes a decent
    showing…even the great Fedor Emelianenko took some punishment from Choi
    before he submitted him. Any average Joe who thinks he’s got a snowball’s
    chance in the ring against Hong Man is delusional…he would destroy Shaq
    in the same short order he took care of Canseco.

  9. alberto jorge bruno alamilla says:

    Y por eso, no hay que tomar esteroides, te afectan el cerebro.

  10. Jake Blake says:

    There is only one thing better than watching a douche bag, snitch getting
    his a$$ kicked and that is watching a douche bag, snitch getting his a$$
    kicked while drinking beers.

  11. gdpunker1281 says:

    @Frank F Sorry Jose’s disappointed the wise 13 year old kickboxing master…

  12. BlackStarKeepShining says:

    By anyone, I mean “any fighter”. He’s not a good fighter. At all.

  13. heshhh88 says:

    as soon as he got touched he was done

  14. kiikiikhan says:

    conseco is a karate and taekwondo blackbelt who trains muay thai:) choi is
    a tough fight for anybody.

  15. Jauckor says:

    Jim Carrey send me here.

  16. CharlieSmurffy says:

    Neal Brennan, DJ Douggound, and Moshe Kashner’s podcast?

  17. AbhiB says:

    *Cue Take Me Out to the Ball Game music* Well Hong Man Choi had done it.
    Mixed martial arts had won it. With the commentators clucking all the
    while, Jose’s torn acl and calf made us smile, While Canseco laid
    unconscious on the boxing ring tile. We’re talking MMA. From Pain to San
    Diego, talking MMA, Manningly and Conseco, Stefan Struve grotesquely broken
    jaw, Jason Miller and his run-in with the law, We’re talking Homer…..Ozzy
    and the Straw.

  18. pluperw says:


  19. kiikiikhan says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa:) i didn’t know that:) thanks for not being a jerk about the
    language. really:)

  20. 1ronMat says:

    I want to see Hong Man-Choi vs Shaq already!!

  21. xenubarb says:

    He ducks…he runs…IT’S THE CANSECO RUNNER DUCK! Get yours today!

  22. AutomotiveVlog says:

    Shaq wants to fight Hong Man Choi Who would win?

  23. RaisingAbel says:

    I don’t know man, I think it could have gone either way. It was close until
    Canseco entered the ring.

  24. Otto Kertesz says:

    Idiot Mexican

  25. NotoriousANT24 says:

    jose he can’t beat shaq

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