25 comments on “Justin Bieber vs. Bloom — MMA Stars Weigh In … ‘Orlando Hits Like a ‘B*tch’”

  1. USFighter says:

    These buys are barely MMA fighters. All of them suck balls.

  2. TwinVidz says:

    Orlando didn’t hit him because he would go to jail for hitting a girl.

  3. Jason Golden says:

    he didnt hit justin his body guard blocked it

  4. Steve Sunny says:

    Fuck beiber 

  5. Jeannine Pierre says:


  6. GAH NDi says:

    kinda agree..Justin hangs out with floyd so he might learned some stuff

  7. Konphetty says:

    Orlando Bloom cause he’s a grown man

  8. J swee says:

    King mo your trash and tito you pussied out from a boxing match from dana 

  9. Ciana says:


  10. IRIS says:

    miley viruses twin sister ahaha

  11. Faisal Ahmad says:

    a little girl can make jb cry like a bitch 

  12. SQuishySQuirrel champion says:

    Justin Bieber looks like he would cry if you hit him. 

  13. Steven Vanlalhriatpuia says:

    So dude starts a fight with Orlando Bloom. Then hides behind a security guy
    ……. I know the guy who invented that move !

  14. iamJamessss says:

    “He might be …Miley Cyrus’ twin sister” HE SAID IT PERFECTLY! Hahaha

  15. prodegyassassin101 says:

    ANYBODY can beat JB

  16. xavier jones says:

    King mo y ask him he’s a bitch

  17. Aram S says:

    Atleast orlando aint the bitch getting bitch slapped

  18. nemesis465 says:

    Orlando – don’t go punishment center, Tito does not know how to punch

  19. adrian ornelas says:

    Bieber is a fucking pussy he can’t even grow facial hair

  20. HappiHeliin says:

    Where’s your article about Justin winning the Champ Of Charity award last
    night? And that he won the award for his 6 year long work with Make a wish
    foundation + he broke a record for granting over 200 + wishes to sick
    children, more than any recording artist EVER!! And he took a little girl
    with cancer on stage with him and gave her his award! Why don’t u talk
    about that?

  21. TheKomet123 says:

    Lets start a real conversation. Why do so many people hate Justin if he
    didn’t cause any personal harm onto yourself?

  22. clarissa sanchez says:

    #teambieber #beliebers #justinisbae

  23. brett hughes says:

    Just once I would like Bieber to man up , instead of hiding behind his
    bodyguard, f***in pussy!

  24. Luis Navarro says:

    Miley cyrus twin sister

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