25 comments on “Kali Muscle CHOKE OUT MMA FIGHTER”

  1. Joe Phillips says:

    Re title this..
    Kali is a bitch

  2. SantaSoFresh says:

    2 much muscle for mma


    How do i get a body like khali? I been working out for 2 months straight
    and i look nothing like him. How do i put on muscle like him? I want to
    get shredded. 

  4. Joshua Gozdal says:

    kali tryna get rekt harder than a virgin on prom night

  5. pieter lion says:

    He’s just having fun! And I found it very entertaining, so stop crying you
    childish pussy boys with no muscle and low self esteem, I feel bad for you

  6. Joe marine says:

    In my years of kickboxing, i think Kali should stick to his stronger point
    such as hand strikes. His kick technique is fucked up and has no power
    compared to a real full-on roundhouse. But if he sticks to his strongpoints
    im sure he can fuck shit up

  7. Toonses says:

    Non-aesthetic pregnant stomach freak.

  8. Hingle McCringleberry says:

    You’re so stupid hahaha! You’ll be gassed in 2 minutes in an mms fight ,
    damn bet you couldn’t run a mile. You’re not a fighter, you’re a body
    builder. Your boxing form is hopeless , and your “choke” you did on the muy
    Thai fighter was actually retarded 

  9. Brian Cox says:

    The fuck did I just watch

  10. Isagaijin XD says:

    That old lady in the back. XD

  11. EazyEVXO says:

    Kali Muscle used Bullet Punch and Hi Jump Kick… It was not very
    effective. (:

  12. FancyMexican says:

    Wanna know what my problem is with you kali? You feed your trolls waaaayyy
    too much, dont that man dont listen to the hate, I feel like it kinda gets
    to you at times when you make videos replyng to trols, just do your thing
    keep geting huge 

  13. Brabus says:

    i dont think having this much muscle is good for MMA, guy looks like he can
    barely move around. This is why i cringe every time i hear someone call
    bodybuilders “athletes”

  14. SorrowfulMemory says:

    Niqq started glowing like a super saiyan

  15. hypnosquirrel says:

    Kali has grown on me. He is a funny dude. I would love to see him in a

  16. Brandon C says:

    Kali Muscle vs CM Punk

  17. Jonathan Hayes says:

    Kali straight up lives in the gym I swear. He probably has a trailer in the
    parking lot full of protein lol. I’m just messin around. Sort of. I’m sure
    he spends about half the day in the Gym at least. Crazy

  18. Jonathan Derry says:

    Kali you are the #1 fitness entertainer out there! Keep going bruv!

  19. TopMusicOf2014 says:

    lol Kali punching a tree but if you pause the video you can tell there is a
    punching bag in the back!

  20. Jehanzeb14 says:

    “i’m not gonna choke you”. that moment when he realizes he doesn’t know how
    to cinch in a basic rear naked choke.

  21. Alex bodea says:

    Crazy how u choked out a roid addict. .. and your natural king kali. ..
    it’s scary for other people to deal with

    Love u man Ur strong natural lifter king

  22. E. Jacobs Beats says:

    *I request a slight edit of the title Kali…*

  23. David P says:

    He sound so congested….feel bad for em

  24. Cyrusislikeawsome says:

    What was this meant to be…

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