25 comments on “Kelvin Gastelum nearly quit MMA before TUF 17, now targeting move to 170”

  1. Entriken133 says:

    hahha no way the WW division is the toughest. It is full of young guys who will be around for a long time to come all of which have the skills to be champions. The MW division is basically dead. Other than Chris Weidman the only guy left to run for a title shot is Bisping.

  2. zombiewhale says:

    ehh i will just repost what i
    how is it thatkelvin wins, it was an easy 1-1 going into the thrid

    3rd- Uriah Outstruke him and did more damage, kelvin got one more takedown then him only to do nothing but get mount then instantly get reversed

  3. zombiewhale says:

    sorry but plz explain to me how kelvin wins it was an easy 1-1 going into the thrid
    3rd- Uriah Outstruke him and did more damage, kelvin got one more takedown then him only to do nothing but get mount then instantly get reversed

  4. AxMxF151 says:

    Kelvin had more takedowns, more passes, more overall strikes
    (statistics didn’t include knees to the leg and body shots)
    rocked Uriah in round 1, and had longer octagon control.
    The only way 1 judge could of gave it to Uriah was because
    he landed his couple of strikes more effective and in combos
    and he had some reversals (which he did nothing with and didn’t last on top)
    but Kelvin out pointed him in every way,
    He looked wayy to small against uriah.. i agree on the rematch tho.

  5. Glenn Owens says:

    you know shit! it should have been a UD win for Kelvin!!

  6. thembluetube says:


  7. 1ceYourPimpHand says:

    Jesus, even Kelvin doesn’t think he has a shot against Silva considering he’s ALREADY trying to move down a weight class.

  8. Chuck Norris says:

    I’ve got skype, I added you on it, I’m never on it though. I’ll add you on Facebook. Don’t really play PS3 anymore, what about you? What’s happening?

  9. rachellefiriro says:


  10. zombiewhale says:

    no hatin on the guy but he robbed uriah

  11. brooklyn6904 says:

    The middleweight division is actually the toughest one. You had all these contender and it so hard to get a good wining streak in that division. There alot of good decent fighter in that division. The lightweight and middleweight are the toughest division IMO

  12. ClarksonNo1 says:

    Hahahaha Yeh, got into it after watching the Judo olympics and watching some ronda rousey fights. You got Steam or Skype?

  13. larry trujillo says:

    He’s fights like Cain

  14. frankwhite2020 says:

    Father time will catch up to everyone.

  15. Travis Lowery says:

    fucking ariel

  16. Mikey Bernabe says:

    10:24 makes me laugh Docle tweeted Gastelum fight 170 just so he can pay him for his Dolce diet lol

  17. youngderek415 says:

    Sources reveal Ariel Helwani will be making his MMA debut at 100lbs against Warren Buffett.

  18. Entriken133 says:

    I think his age will be his downfall. Fortunately for Silva his fights have not done heavy damage on his body and most don’t make it out of the 2nd round so he has never had a cardio heavy fight (except for Sonnen). If he can keep finishing early he will be fine, but if he gets into a fight going over three rounds of intense fighting, I think his age will show in his cardio (just like Dan Henderson’s does)

  19. Entriken133 says:

    Bass retired when he was 34 (if you don’t count his one fight in 06).

  20. mmawrestlereg says:

    brown pride

  21. 7RAFAGT says:

    haha wow i didnt notice the similarity between him and cain until i read the comments.

  22. cocotiger77 says:

    I think it’s a bit of a odd prediction to say that Silva will only lose because of his age and not due to technique deficits — he’s got many. The middleweight division is so weak right now I don’t see that happening but I certainly think there are numerous holes in his game that will be exploited come the new generation of mma.

  23. cocotiger77 says:

    It’s one thing to assess the situation properly (e.g., pay attention); it’s another thing to rationally assess the situation. The problem is that Hall’s style, much like Silva’s, is quite flashy — perhaps meritorious at times — and as consequence becomes inevitably over-hyped / appreciated by the mma ignorant (i.e., 99% of the fans). Meanwhile, I noticed an easy fix to fighting Hall: great constant angles and movement combined with wrestling pressure and never staying in front of him.

  24. Samurai Trader says:


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