Kenny Johnson of “Dexter,” “Sons Of Anarchy” + “The Shield” Talks Love of MMA + Boxing

MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant sits down with actor Kenny Johnson to talk about his love of the fight game, and how his own boxing and MMA training has influenc…

24 comments on “Kenny Johnson of “Dexter,” “Sons Of Anarchy” + “The Shield” Talks Love of MMA + Boxing”

  1. CRonaldo7Skilz says:

    Take it in the face then, we’ll see who’s the little girl

  2. Pyrochyde says:

    I know, he’s like a fucking cock roach.. lol. I hope Dexter puts a knife through his chest.

  3. Michael Raskett says:

    His straight punch is a little girly haha

  4. MobiusX says:

    be careful, he might show up while you are taking a shit so make sure you don’t leave the toilet seat up

  5. MobiusX says:

    I seriously hate this guy’s character on Dexter, he’s an annoying mother fucker, always stalking Hannah, she goes to the hospital, nigga shows up 10 minutes later, she goes to a friend’s house and there he is, now he’s stalking Dexter, he should get a fucking life, I hope Dexter kills him and his friend Elway

  6. deezznts says:

    Fuck you dirtbag. Ok…Now I’ll be quiet.

  7. johnj189 says:


  8. sanmiol says:

    Hi, fake Anderson Silva

  9. pignonMZ6 says:

    Sad to feel sorry about feeling attracted to someone, only in America.
    Stay sexy son.

  10. Anderson Silva says:

    Ill watch every single video on this channel from now on if Karyn wears that.

  11. KILLemALL85 says:

    Lemansky never die

  12. carlos montalva says:


  13. NY OneLove says:

    Hard to believe he’s like 50.

  14. heymelon says:

    Are you 40+ ?

  15. CRonaldo7Skilz says:

    But at the end of the days, did he really say he wanted to become an MMA fighter? Maybe I missed it but all I recall is him saying he just wanted to feel comfortable in his ability to defend himself if something happens.

  16. ThumbdownMan says:

    I’m looking at Karyn’s hot body the whole time. LOL

  17. KUPHSER says:

    but after looking at his form with his combos… not gonna happen

  18. KUPHSER says:

    i was so mad when shane dropped the grenade on his lap. he didnt deserve that shit! shield has always been my favorite series and i hope kenny starts fighting

  19. Cryttan says:

    Jesus shut the fuck up about it already..

  20. Quinno77 says:

    Good work Karyn. Keep it up. Upps the profile of MMA in general by getting these celebrities. Possibly you could could make a montage of celebs stating their love for MMA and hand it over to UFC and release it to pressure the legalization of MMA in NYC. I am dying here without it.

  21. mmanouvelles says:

    still hate shane vandrell

  22. Cazaq says:

    “Sorry to objectify you” – that must be one of the funniest apologies I’ve ever heard.

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