24 comments on “Kenny Johnson of “Dexter,” “Sons Of Anarchy” + “The Shield” Talks Love of MMA + Boxing”

  1. CRonaldo7Skilz says:

    Take it in the face then, we’ll see who’s the little girl

  2. Pyrochyde says:

    I know, he’s like a fucking cock roach.. lol. I hope Dexter puts a knife through his chest.

  3. Michael Raskett says:

    His straight punch is a little girly haha

  4. MobiusX says:

    be careful, he might show up while you are taking a shit so make sure you don’t leave the toilet seat up

  5. MobiusX says:

    I seriously hate this guy’s character on Dexter, he’s an annoying mother fucker, always stalking Hannah, she goes to the hospital, nigga shows up 10 minutes later, she goes to a friend’s house and there he is, now he’s stalking Dexter, he should get a fucking life, I hope Dexter kills him and his friend Elway

  6. deezznts says:

    Fuck you dirtbag. Ok…Now I’ll be quiet.

  7. johnj189 says:


  8. sanmiol says:

    Hi, fake Anderson Silva

  9. pignonMZ6 says:

    Sad to feel sorry about feeling attracted to someone, only in America.
    Stay sexy son.

  10. Anderson Silva says:

    Ill watch every single video on this channel from now on if Karyn wears that.

  11. KILLemALL85 says:

    Lemansky never die

  12. carlos montalva says:


  13. NY OneLove says:

    Hard to believe he’s like 50.

  14. heymelon says:

    Are you 40+ ?

  15. CRonaldo7Skilz says:

    But at the end of the days, did he really say he wanted to become an MMA fighter? Maybe I missed it but all I recall is him saying he just wanted to feel comfortable in his ability to defend himself if something happens.

  16. ThumbdownMan says:

    I’m looking at Karyn’s hot body the whole time. LOL

  17. KUPHSER says:

    but after looking at his form with his combos… not gonna happen

  18. KUPHSER says:

    i was so mad when shane dropped the grenade on his lap. he didnt deserve that shit! shield has always been my favorite series and i hope kenny starts fighting

  19. Cryttan says:

    Jesus shut the fuck up about it already..

  20. Quinno77 says:

    Good work Karyn. Keep it up. Upps the profile of MMA in general by getting these celebrities. Possibly you could could make a montage of celebs stating their love for MMA and hand it over to UFC and release it to pressure the legalization of MMA in NYC. I am dying here without it.

  21. mmanouvelles says:

    still hate shane vandrell

  22. Cazaq says:

    “Sorry to objectify you” – that must be one of the funniest apologies I’ve ever heard.

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