11 comments on “Kimura from Kneeling North South | MMA Submissions”

  1. hip2thabone says:

    While sitting on top him, u could fart in his face. I’m sure that’s one way of getting the job done lol 😉

  2. Fabiano Rizzo says:


  3. gustavo madrigal says:


  4. AMON PRADO says:

    I concur my friend

  5. bloopyblop says:

    just crank it all the way from the get go in a real fight. lets see someone bite with a shredded shoulder.

  6. Awes0me2o02 says:

    who cares 

  7. Stu Bur says:

    Good way to get bit in the balls or thigh. As a sport move it is probably fine, but even then you could wind up fighting a biter.

  8. 10blinx says:

    Looks gay

  9. Charles McCulloch says:


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