KO After KO on “Inside MMA’s” Viewer Submissions!

2 Minutes of knockouts courtesy of Caged Aggression, Full Contact Productions, New York Fight Exchange, APFC, and Rage in the Cage. AXS TV is Your Home for MMA every Friday Night! Find AXS…

5 comments on “KO After KO on “Inside MMA’s” Viewer Submissions!”

  1. stylage says:

    Unnecessary hammer fist to the back of the clearly knocked out opponent in
    the last clip, but otherwise some good KO’s. 

  2. Bill Nye HQ says:

    0:33 that laugh from Bas lmao

  3. spaceorbison says:

    love bas

  4. zeuspit420 says:

    Should have had RYAN HOLLIS VS HUMBERTO DELEON…….Was a nice Thai clinch
    knee and K.O. You can see it on Ryan Hollis Facebook page

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