25 comments on “Kongo Cut, Pettis Drops Weight, Bellator Summer Series & More on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Pecid says:

    They should make Pettis fight whoever is ready first either Henderson or Aldo. But don’t make him wait until September.

  2. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    John Pollock come on man, Kongo has been in the ufc for 7 years. He might be 1-2 in his last 3 but his overall ufc record is 11-6-1 which is respectable.

    The guy is a name for any of those other promotions 100%, him vs Anthony Johnson at heavyweight ?

  3. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    I agree, Pettis has already beaten the champ at light weight and IMO is the best fighter at the class.

    I don’t want him to beat Aldo and know he is the best in both weight classes.

  4. Emotional Contagion says:

    Ben Henderson is the LW version of GSP, only worse cos he doesn’t even get clear decisions. He bores me to tears. Finish someone sometime. Failing that hows about a resounding decision like GSP (as much as I’ve grown tired of that too)

  5. None Of Ur Bnizz says:

    TJ Grant is garbage.

  6. ihatekillerclowns says:

    he should be scared of me. I have power in BOTH hands!! He can’t circle out of my power, unlike Nelson (which he did a crap job of doing circling to his left lol in to his only power shot)

  7. John Pollock says:

    Personally I want to see Pettis at 155 and a loss to Aldo still probably puts him two fights back from a title shot back at lightweight. Should be a great fight with Aldo but I really want to see that rematch.

  8. David Porges says:

    Pollock for prisedent

  9. Sion Low says:

    i guess you didn’t see the Pat Barry v Congo fight. And i’m guessing your probably 180/190 dripping wet? Or fat and out of shape, stop being delusional if you even saw Congo square up to you shit would be falling from your already loose, abused ass-hole, you’d tremble like a girl basically.

  10. Hugh Mannity says:

    You dickhead internet tough guy, go step into the cage instead of talking about how you can ko fighters.

  11. Hugh Mannity says:

    Even? hes the 205 champion stfu

  12. DarkKnyght23 says:

    Pettis is going down a weight class because he wants to beat Aldo and then it would be a superfight, champ v champ when Pettis & Henderson fights IMO

  13. Abhishek Kumar says:

    A new interface of social network is launched named “friendslor”, hope u get a new medium of getting social.

  14. ihatekillerclowns says:

    according to wiki in 2014 (who have predicted the future), Kongo’s on a 3 fight win streak which includes bigfoot, Mir and big nog

  15. aaronCapricorn says:

    truth is, even jon bones jones would wreck Kongo at HW

  16. drodsta13 says:

    The Pettis and Aldo fight somehow isn’t gonna happen I have a feeling…

  17. xMidnightxSunx22 says:

    Pollock you are annoying, learn how to debate without sounding like you are a screaming kid. Learn something from Robin

  18. ThaiPugnus says:

    Yes. 5 fight losing streaks shouldn’t be allowed, not when guys are getting cut after 1 loss.

  19. ThaiPugnus says:

    Good, Kongo sucks.

  20. Matthew Beebe says:

    honestly robin knows what he is talking about. im with him all the way

  21. ihatekillerclowns says:

    if my fists touch Kongo’s chin, he’s going to sleep!! He’s running scared these days.

  22. Mrboutitboutitallday says:

    Count me in, another crazy freak show fight.

  23. xkillaz18x says:

    Leave Marijuana the fuck alone!!!!
    I’m sick of this stupid shit!!!
    Anyone against me or marijuana you shoot yourselves for being degenerate scum.

  24. LalondeMistral says:

    WSFO 4 Kongo vs Rumble. And i would not be the least bit surprised

  25. Seb C. says:

    leonard garcia should be cut.

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