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  1. Byron Doxey says:

    Good first fight for Kron Gracie. With everyone saying he needs to work on
    his stand-up hating on him need to chill the fuck out. He trains with the
    Diaz brothers to work on his stand up and at this early in the game just
    like Ronda Rousey in her early part of her career, just work the stand-up
    to compliment and play to his jiujitsu strength. That’s all he needs is
    enough to set up his jiujitsu at this point. If he wants to get
    professional than he will need to really work it but this is his first
    amateur fight, not pro fight so don’t compare him to Royce Gracie. He’s not
    that closed minded.

  2. Damone86 says:

    Luckily Kron’s opponent sucked. The way he stands upright with those weak
    foot jabs, he’s just begging to get KTFO.

  3. SharkKarate says:

    Lame! He opponent was a tomato can but you only knew his first fight would
    be a easy win. Let’s see how his next fight goes or even if he every fights
    MMA again. This fight was just a big commercial for GJJ just look how he
    kept stopping his foot and his hand straight out as if to force us to
    belive just old school BJJ is all you need.


  4. Timmy O'Toole says:

    wow this just goes to show that BJJ > MMA. gj kron!

  5. Joseph Knight says:

    Rule #1 Don’t go to the ground against a Gracie..

  6. tomas turbando says:

    Ganhou de um frango!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Vai para o UFC e vença cascas grossas, e ai terá meu respeito.
    Hoje não existe a melhor modalidade, e sim o melhor atleta.
    Jon Jones finalizou Vitor,Rampage,Lyoto, e na trocação é um monstro.
    Quem é bom em só uma luta, não tem futuro no MMA.
    O Roger tomou um aperto no UFC, foi dispensado, e foi pegar frango e
    aposentados em um torneio menor.
    Tem que vencer casacas grossas de MMA para provar que é lutador de MMA de

  7. Rik KZ says:

    If he goes against any true MMAer he´s going to get so fucked up is not
    even funny. For his safety he should just keep “fighting” dudes in Japan
    who can´t strike nor grapple, and stay away from any real MMA.

  8. Courtney Rawle says:

    *Kron Gracie makes his **#MMA** Debut*
    Kron Gracie Japan MMA Debut: http://youtu.be/er7zcLiTZ8w

  9. rambachpro says:

    He did what he has been training to do, and what the Gracie have been
    training to do for a long time now…..get the fight to the ground and
    submit your opponent. But yes, he looked like every other Gracie who has
    been in the ring. Stand up is garbage….

  10. ngburkeable says:

    lol pulled guard.

  11. Ignatius Cheese says:

    If he doesn’t start to think he’s a striker like a lot of great grapplers
    do he should do well

  12. HookRightGoodnight says:

    Holy shit, no glove touch. He’s a Diaz! With way better BJJ.

  13. BANG GIHOON says:

    김형수 세컨의 어처구니 없는 주문 때문에 어처구니 없이 졌네.. 누가 봐도 팔 넣으면 안되는 상황에서 세컨 주문(1분 30초) “오른팔
    집어넣어!! 오른팔 집어넣어!!!” /0.5초 뒤에 오른팔 암바걸리자/ “오른팔 빼!!!! 오른팔 빼!!!!!” 도대체 이게 뭐
    하자는건지…? 승패야 언제나 있겠지만 이런 식으로 지면 선수가 너무 안타깝다는 생각이 드네요.

  14. Lyle Chipperson says:

    love the superhero music at the end

  15. Andy Lax says:

    No bad for his first time, but you never pulled guard in mma fight, if it
    was a more experience fighter he would have been murder, I hope he get’s
    better & get’s to Jacare level!

  16. St4rdog says:

    Love the cheesy music and announcer.

  17. Rich Limon says:

    Rickson is as good as he is because a guy named Rolls went outside the box
    and ignored Helios claim that all that was needed was old school BJJ. Old
    school guard pulling and getting by with just BJJ is not going to work in
    the modern world anymore. Didn’t the Gracies learn this lesson from the
    Sakuraba and Matt Hughes fights?

  18. nelson junior says:

    Quando que veremos o RENER E O RYRON GRACIE no cage? vida longa para o
    Kron, que pederia se esconder atras do nome de seu pai, mais resolveu por a
    cara a tapa !!!

  19. jukkasc2 says:

    Good debut, but he needs to keep his hands up. I know he trains stand up
    with the Diaz brothers, but … they aren’t known for keeping their hands
    up. He needs to work with someone like Henri Hooft, Freddie Roach, or
    Javier Mendez

  20. Austin Wardell says:

    Kron has amazing Jiu Jitsu, but before he faces top level competition he
    needs to improve on the stand-up game. He was flat footed and stiff until
    he pulled guard. Anyone with top notch striking can beat him as of now. I
    am a fan of Kron, and I urge him to work on the striking.

  21. jdmikeg4 says:

    2:13 is that Rickson shaking hands and bowing with the opponent and
    opponents trainer after the match?

  22. Giancarlo Rocco says:

    Awesome fight Kron!! Much respect!!!!!! 

  23. Kinosis79 says:

    Much better than Marcelo Garcia’s debut.

  24. pboitsidis says:

    No I dont think so! He is not trying to excel on mma he is trying to prove
    that bjj is enough to know for mma. He will never be a striker

  25. blackdogbones9900 says:

    He’s not fighting tomato cans in Japan that’s high level competition even
    at the bottom. Good win for Kron and starting his career off in the right

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