25 comments on “Krzysztof Soszynski Announces Retirement on “Inside MMA””

  1. Milo Bozovich says:

    This is why the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said not to strike the face of your
    brother. It causes brain injuries on a regular basis… I wonder how much
    these MMA guys get paid to sustain brain injuries. 

  2. amjan says:

    Anderson Silva, unfortunately, is there as well after Weidman’s 1st KO. He
    got KO’d in the second fight with the lightest of punches.
    Diaz is gonna KO him cold.

  3. sonotme81 says:

    Really hard to watch that. I think you should get 3 KO in your career then
    be forced to retire. I hope the UFC look after him.

  4. gerryboy3699 says:

    He seems like an ok dude but i suspect his retirement is more to do with
    the TRT ban than memory loss.

  5. Xavier Pushkin says:

    Why is this guy gets so much attention, he beat nobodys and lost to good
    fighters. Probably kisses Dana’s ass, well polish got used to that.

  6. acdclife94 says:

    I think he will get better. No more sparring and just pad work will make
    him get better in no time, 

  7. K131399 says:

    good luck krzysztof!!!

  8. Rene Vazquez says:

    I train with Krystof he is a nice guy

  9. bill jones says:

    I’ve met Krzstof. He’s a gentleman and a really down to earth dude. Very
    nice, very polite. 

  10. SundiMundi says:

    My wife is a big fan of Krzysztof. He’s smart enough to do something
    lucrative and productive with his life. I wish him the best.

  11. BarkusMuhl says:

    Sobering video. It was a smart decision to retire. Huge respect for this

  12. Donald Diaz says:

    he should of used more defence, this is why guys like floyd mayweather will
    retire healthy and undefeated he has incredible defence, he is too
    defensively intelligent and he cares about his health like a fighter
    should, he has some of best hand eye coordination his skills are
    incredible. tbe 47-0.

  13. Anuskasv0 says:

    Wow this is sad.

  14. Maas Vontenegro says:

    Have loved this sport since ’93 and now I’m watching it’s affect on all of
    its athletes. Wow, such a riveting interview; I have goosebumps. 

  15. AdamPaul222 says:

    Thank you , you’ve been a true warrior, God Bless

  16. Castiel DeLosangeles says:

    Cool guy. I wish him the best.

  17. dan meme says:

    Brains can miraculously recover. Don’t give up hope man. Play some online
    games,you might think that will hurt but having to think quickly and make
    fast decisions might help.

  18. burlhorse89 says:

    Damn-i feel for this guy-just akes you think the risks involved in mma

  19. BlasA714 says:

    Wish him the best of luck! Dude’s a beast 

  20. Mauricio Rubio says:

    I met him at a fan expo in Vegas and he was a cool dude. 

  21. GearsDemon says:

    damn it really makes you think about things like memory and longevity in

  22. Ivan Reyes says:

    Damn bro

  23. TheErebusGaming says:

    My interest in MMA mostly stems from a 13 year old me sitting at home
    watching Krzysztof and Ryan Bader on TUF. The two of them got me hooked on
    the sport that I love today.

    So thank you Krzysztof, best of luck in the future, (even though you’ll
    never read this).

  24. Mario Escareno says:

    Fucked up shit. But hey, no one ever said fighting is good for your health

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