25 comments on “Learn How to Shadowbox for Boxing, MMA, and Street Fighting”

  1. nikolas fandoul says:

    Thanks man, emm btw, what do you call this weights you talked about, the
    one you put on your hands and legs , what do you call this things?

  2. 01coyote13 says:

    Whats the difference between a round house kick and a cutting kick?

  3. onegaisti says:

    Dammit, Kurt! How many times I gotta tell you? You CAN’T win fights with
    that tip-tap shit.

    Now, that’s real power.

  4. chocho12321 says:

    YES! Thanks for listening mate.

  5. Lightning1ab says:

    If I knew how to fight like you, I would be the happiest man in the world!

  6. WeseeumProductions says:

    Cool effect!

  7. donnavyn george says:


  8. Michael Cohen says:

    Yes thank you shane. I was waiting so long for some one to do a vid on this

  9. Revon says:

    I love shadow boxing

  10. James Evans says:

    Shane can you do a “draw my life”?

  11. FightTips with Shane Fazen says:

    Here’s a tutorial video on how to properly shadowbox: the BEST #exercise to
    practice fighting, #boxing, and #MMA

  12. physcoticweirdo says:

    I’m training to fight a bunch of hitmen and drug dealers

  13. Hexakiller Metin says:


  14. Brandon López says:

    Nice abs shane can you make another abb workout that you do know?

  15. Kahai Tanigawa says:

    Your filmed should back up a little, couldn’t see your whole body in many

  16. MLGKxKILLAH says:


  17. franz ruiz says:

    Shane, you are a great fighter! Keep up the great work! 😀 

  18. Vyctor Felipe says:

    I’m training a martial art called karajucá

    is a Brazilian martial art, but little known even in Brazil

    This martial art is used by police

    but all the information and videos contained on the internet are horrible

    sorry for my terrible english

  19. عبد الرحمن خميس says:

    please make a Words translated arabic

  20. Guillotine1100 says:

    Horrible video work! Back up so we can get the whole picture!!

  21. Josias toxqui says:

    How can I get a faster reaction to a punch

  22. izaak medwid says:

    This is great i am a huge fan shane and you have helped me more than you
    know, this big guy from my outreach school wants to fight me and he is like
    3 years older and almost 100 lbs more than me….. Can i get some advice?

  23. KeizerXillian says:

    Great video on teaching tips, for me it would be street fighting. Nice
    video shane:).

  24. Jose Aguilar says:

    Shane, I Don’t Have A Credit Card…So I Would Like To Ask You, What Can I
    Do To Join ‘My Fight Gym’ ?! Can I Like Send You A Letter With Money And
    You Can Sign Me Up ? Can I Still Join ?!

  25. Sultan Zackie says:


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