25 comments on “Les K.O. du MMA Highlight”

  1. Marius Baziliauskas says:

    i need song 5:35

  2. Louis Barry says:

    ufc 1 is brutal!

  3. kaezer2 says:

    Good to see how the old school UFC fighters were tough enough to not pursue
    the need to continue hitting an opponent repeatedly in the head when hes
    clearly no longer a threat due to being unconscious.
    Of late, its called the finishing instinct to pound the fuck out of someone
    who is unable to defend themselves, which is a total fucken wank. The Sport
    would be a complete sport if it wasn’t for this flaw. 

  4. LionelWitchieWardrob says:

    referees used to SUCK!

  5. glosick1990 says:

    What is the name of first song ?

  6. mmawhole says:

    Look all ufc best fights ever : /watch?v=cDFW5pljFEw

  7. Jeo Fickles says:

    5:48 Hahahahhaahahhaha

  8. MsPonfy says:

    petite rectification, première musique : Vitalic – White Labels

  9. Lexus Amanda says:

    Le Banner, le meilleur !

  10. san thosh says:

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  11. faruk ozkan says:

    regarder ma chaine un combat de boxe extraordinaire que j’ai poster !!!!

  12. geminega west says:

    merci mec

  13. resas007 says:

    who was waiting for the slow mo replay!!

  14. Etienne Martin says:

    Vitalic – Poney part 1

  15. geminega west says:

    le nom de la 1ere musique svp

  16. Bangs De Paname says:

    2:38 => Bien placé 😉

  17. bovet vivice says:

    Le Banner le meilleur champion ! ya pas mieux mon idole des arts martiaux !

  18. Sn00zeee says:

    3:23 une mitrailette le mec !

  19. marchand romain says:

    5.24 est ce que c’est Christophe Pina?

  20. Lolita Clemence says:

    sa c ‘ est du bon le MMA !!! :))

  21. tal itzhak says:

    3:49 DAM IT !

  22. Fabrizio Severi says:

    Sono incredibili

  23. BILLY3x says:

    Pensa che ce fai con la bocca allora…..E CMQ COR CULO SCORREGGIACI OGNI

  24. deejay gwen deejay gwen says:

    ca c du gadjo!!!

  25. cris oliver says:

    Heyy muy buena la canción

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