11 comments on “Life vs. MMA (ZvT) – Game 2- Grand Finals – WCS Global Finals 2014 –”

  1. agnosticautonomy says:

    Husky should have been one of the casters! Pay the man Blizzard!

  2. MrBlondieZero says:

    6:26 what a gift!

  3. Ricky II says:

    He played Zerg like they are in the Lore. Just flood flood flood. 

  4. Ngọc Long Vũ says:

    LIFEEEE, go on ahead, guy! Today is your day!

  5. agnosticautonomy says:

    blizzcon was wack this year.

  6. Kevin MarsHall says:

    Seemed like poor map awareness by MMA. Then again, Life just seemed to
    have uncanny, fortuitous ideas of when to attack. Remember game 5 against
    Taeja, Life got through the end because the supply depot wasn’t put up by

  7. Zordon says:

    life plays so sexy

  8. Dongbo Wu says:


  9. Seok Kim says:

    How can you stop ling bane push? Solo hard

  10. Ursenfuns says:

    he makes it look so easy :)

  11. OneManMagicShow says:

    Did anyone noticed that when MMA moved out ( 6:26 ) a guy just shouted
    nooooooo :D

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