6 comments on “Life vs. MMA (ZvT) – Grand Finals WCS Global Finals 2014 – Game 1”

  1. Fimontronia says:

    Where’s Tasteless? This the grand final. It’s supposed to be Tasteless. No
    offense to Apollo, but really? Tasteless too good to cast now? I notice
    throughout the whole year, Artosis has been casting much more with others,
    but Tasteless has only been casting with Artosis. I didn’t even see
    Tasteless/Day9 combo or Artosis/Day9 combo. That would have been good.

  2. Michael Blair says:

    First. Also, Life is Love, Life is Life.

  3. FangUK56 says:

    go back to hearthstone artosis LOL 

  4. Christopher Epp says:

    Zerg <3

  5. MainOffenderKZ says:


  6. Mattias Franzén TE13b says:

    Zerg OP

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