24 comments on “Live Chat: Hector Lombard steroid test, PEDs in MMA/UFC, UFC Fight Night 60 preview”

  1. YoutubSUCKZ says:

    dana is on steroids too. he was a skinny motherfucker back in the day

  2. TheHooliganification says:

    I don’t understand when a “Fan” who sits on the couch and watches the
    fights, care so much about PEDs? The only ones who should care are the
    fighters, commission and the company. Just watch the fights and shut up

  3. RSUN2012 says:

    It’s a shame as the fighter’s being popped are exciting fighter’s for the
    most part certainly big names. Shouldn’t the first offense of steroid/HGH
    usage be a 2-3 years suspension from the UFC along with a huge fine, and
    the second offense be a lifetime band from the organization. This would
    cause the potential users to question a lot whether it is worth using,
    because of the strict penalties for getting caught. Steps are not being
    done to further prevent their clean fighter’s from risking serious.

  4. CombatFit says:

    Very very good idea about rewarding fighters for staying clean an I
    absolutely think they should do that right away. Good idea Luke an you
    should be compensated just for the idea.

  5. jack black says:

    is he using vaseline to filter the lense to look like days of our lives ? 

  6. rahowhero says:

    How about legalising PEDs, but still test vigorously and publically
    announce the results at prefight media events and when ever the tests come
    in, the roids used could be displayed on tale of the tape…….that way
    the fans have choice, and honesty and integrity is maintained, if not long
    term fighter health.

  7. Joshua Sasfire says:

    Natural bodybuilding has liar detector tests.

  8. GearsDemon says:

    Who do you think wins gonzaga vs cro cop 2?

  9. Chip Chipperson says:

    shoold viagra be a band drug if fiters use it 2 distract oponents with
    there big peckahs?

  10. David Kendall says:

    Why is the PED situation hard for people to swallow.
    If there was a pill you could take that would make your paychecks
    double/triple/quadruple, do you think you would be enticed to take that
    Don’t quite understand what I’m saying? Google: Stasi 14.25 – Go through
    the 4yr PED results and see the numbers steroids produce.

  11. adnatal says:

    Tbh the injury problem ties in horribly with the current PED epidemic. If
    PED use eventually drops, injuries will DEFINITELY begin to rise.

  12. Craig Talbert says:

    Re: 27:54 +Luke Thomas These are REALLY GOOD ideas. How about a friendly
    amendment? UFC enforces no extra penalties (on top of what athletic
    commissions mandate) for testing that shows **recreational** drug use.

  13. Hans-J. Schmid says:

    Ok, that’s it! Had enough of all that PED shit!!! UFC is dead for me!!!

  14. 11vinci says:

    Stop recording these with a potato. 

  15. TheBrindleBoxer says:

    Just let ’em fight. Don’t even worry about drug testing. In fact, I wanna
    see a fully ‘roided up Anderson Silva in a superfight with a totally coked
    up Jon Jones. Let Anderson get injections between rounds while Jones does
    lines in the opposite corner.

    It would sell 10 million pay per views.

  16. Zero Vector says:

    Hey Luke, I don’t know if you read this. If not, this was a waste.

    Anderson Silva becoming GOAT post 30YOA: Why? Did he have a better
    opportunity to make big money in the UFC? Was his potential exposure
    greater when he entered the UFC?

    If the answer to both is Hell Yes, then we might interpret his development
    as a focused Anderson Silva unlike any time in his career, battling for the
    rewards with all of the ability which he could have exploited earlier in
    his career if he were given the same incentives.

    We’ve watched other fighters like BJ Penn become monsters in the sport when
    they were finally given the spotlight and pay. This I think is at least
    part of the story.

  17. themmavoice1988 says:

    1. Faber is alot bigger than edgar 2. This steroids stuff is getting
    ridiculous 3. I love mma since the pride days iand ufc 42 but lately with
    this 50 events a year the quality is pretty bad, i wish they would do just
    15 events and stack up the cards

  18. Martin Speed says:

    I cant watch these broadcasts anymore, get a fkin better camera and
    internet connection or im tuning out. My 8 yr old can take a better video
    on the computer. upgrade for petes sake, every time to you get into saying
    something interesting you cut out and freeze. You are the only person doing
    video blogs that have this problem. WHAT IS THE TECHNICAL DEAL HERE? are
    you running a Pentium 1 with a 20$ camera from walmart? Luke….come on
    man, resolve these issues, ill give it a couple more and then im out.
    p.s. don’t give fighters more money for winning? then why win???? people
    would just grind out decisions. worst and dumbest thing ive ever heard you

  19. KoolKrushIce says:

    I think Johny Hendricks is on PEDs. He ducked GSPs vada tests, he wanted
    wada, but GSP offered to take both if he just took vada. And his excuse is
    ” Look at my body, people on PEDs look like GSP. You don’t need to test
    me”, but look what happened to Anderson. 

  20. fanta assparian says:

    Luke..money doesnt grow on tree my brother. For all we know UFC maybe only
    making or touching break even. where are they gonna pay fighters like that?

  21. Matt Gaynor says:

    27.52 ….. did he really just say ‘Indian casinos’ ?? lol maybe I
    heard wrong ….. but if I did just hear that … not very politically
    correct lol.
    If I could go back and have one fight tested ….. I would love Johnny
    Hendricks’ blood tested from when he fought GSP ….. cuz he never looked
    that good before, and has looked like only half that fighter since. ……
    and yes … you can of course benefit from PED’s without looking like he
    man !!!!! Just cuz Hendricks is flabby does not automatically mean he is
    innocent !

  22. Sheikh Tal says:

    The issue with Luke’s suggestion of incentivising voluntary random testing
    by offering them better terms, is great but I would add something.
    Considering that publicising who has signed up for this and who hasn’t will
    cause most people to label non-volunteers as potential PED users, make it a
    private agreement. In this way, fighter won’t feel pressured to volunteer
    to keep their names clear, but will do so solely for the rewards.

  23. adnatal says:

    Jacare would beat Weidman, Jacare is the future MW champ.

  24. Josh P says:

    Around the 52min20second mark, where Luke gets done describing what type of
    weed Nick Diaz must get, he gets so lost in the excited description of the
    weed he has just spoken of, that he mentally salivates in the brain for a
    few seconds, until he comes back in the room and realizes he’s in the
    middle of a chat session… Not sure if all of that is because he stalled
    at the thought of the bong hit of dank he’s gonna hit when the chat is
    over… He could have been describing his favorite ice-cream the way his
    face lit up when he got the chance to talk about awesome weed

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