23 comments on “Live Chat: Shane Carwin retirement, MMA gloves, Mayweather numbers and more”

  1. Austinn801 says:

    you guys should throw these on itunes as a podcast

  2. Jarrod s says:

    Hey guys! Its me!

  3. ClarksonNo1 says:

    Have you been smoking something? You didnt insult anyone…..Not one moron or idiot.

  4. cookieman115 says:

    dat beard!

  5. 2kTweeK says:

    i like when Luke said the only ppl that thought Sonnen was gonna win was ppl trolling that was funny

  6. pmorgan1980 says:

    I’d love to see an audio podcast for these Live Chats, so I don’t have to be glued to You Tube to watch/listen. I hope you guys can make this happen.

  7. dirtyscorner says:

    Check out my channel for some fun / comedy inteviews with MMA Veterans.

  8. walterreally says:

    Mayweather gets 25 million dollars flat (upfront payment NOT INCLUDING share of PPV revenues) for doing less than a million PPV buys and GSP gets around 4 million dollars per fight.
    It’s a joke how much Dana pays fighters.
    He proudly said that Rampage got something like 14 million dollars during his time with the UFC. Guess how many fights Rampage had in the UFC?


    He drew more than a million buys for UFC 114 against Rashad. It’s a joke his average earning is 1.2 million after that

  9. reebkk says:

    Luke, I’ve got some suggestions on how you can convert the live chat into a podcast for free. I’ve mailed SB nation directly, if you’re interested shoot me an email.

  10. thebanaap says:

    oh finally the quality has been improved.
    good job Luke.

  11. TherealDevonte says:

    Who uses the word agnostic in a casual conversation NOT about religion?

  12. WiqedWhiteGorilla says:

    “NOT” get it ?

  13. WiqedWhiteGorilla says:

    I love how Luke starts every show like kindergarten and calmly explains the rules

  14. TheKillsFever says:

    like your mom

  15. MetallicanToronto says:


  16. TmsPoncho says:

    bjpenndotcom might still have it

  17. DecaMMM says:

    I dont like the close up please zoom the camera back a little like before so we can see your cool shirt. I feel like I’m looking up at you I’m getting dizzy now.

  18. justsshitsandgiggles says:

    when does he live stream?

  19. Kenro200x says:

    Use the mic more. You sound great.

  20. LalondeMistral says:

    UFC blocked the Miguel Torres video from Jerry Rips before i could watch it 🙁

  21. TheSkysAreEmpty says:

    They were less frequent. Yea personally I think the downward curve made the fingers naturally point down and away. Look at them side by side with UFC gloves.

  22. lucky44124 says:

    please keep doing these!

  23. 7RAFAGT says:

    4:10 to skip all the bullshit.

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