25 comments on “Live Chat: UFC 155 recap, UFC/MMA in 2013”

  1. 200gregg says:

    totally agree on the dos santos situation, the guy is the epitome of what i love about mma, classy in victory and in defeat, a true warrior, always respectful, it was sad to see the crowds reaction and even sadder to see juniors reaction to the crowd.

  2. EAAAAAAGLE says:

    Surely UFC could easily get on SKY, CAGE RAGE is on it for goodness sake.

  3. Palmernation707 says:

    Overeem will drop Cain

  4. JamezJitsu says:

    The Thing You Said About Hector Is 100% Trueeee!

  5. MurrayHerts says:

    I’m from the UK, we love UFC, be great it if was on Sky.

  6. Darryl Sellars says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you in regard to people booing JDS. He never gave up and showed a lot of heart. Makes no sense to boo his performance.

  7. Aurelien F says:

    You REALLY should frame your head on the top of the screen, and not in the center.
    Otherwise, really interesting show man. Thanks for doing it, it’s great.

  8. makaveli6698 says:

    you are a dumbass

  9. axelstoner says:

    Your weidman love is crazy! How in the hell does he beat Anderson silva, a lot of rubbish

  10. Mareks Perkons says:

    nice show. Death do JDS boo`ers

  11. Skorre1337 says:

    Its not Junior that had a poor performance, it was Cain that had a really great performance, and also Junior always fights the same…he likes to keep a certain distance, jump in, throw a punch and then jump out, always boxing, always the same.
    Like his fight against Frank Mir, perfect example
    Ofc his way of fighting would backfire one day, Cain is the first one to push forward and not giving Junior any space, and he got badly out of his game.
    We all knew it was gonna happen one day

  12. Imhim247 says:

    if ufc go to new york than better get some huge fighting card for this event.

  13. maxwell wheatcroft says:

    i love these videos so much

  14. 792bnz says:

    i cant believe people were booing JDS… that blew my mind!

  15. JOOGAL1111 says:

    Rofl,, Yup!! your right i want to see Mir fight Cormier so he can get 7 shades of shite beaten out of him.

  16. rcw3403 says:

    You shouldn’t be mad… You underestimated Cain and that was really stupid of you.

  17. SteveJonesOwnsDSP says:

    Yeah I BOO’ed JDS… so what. I had $4000 riding on him winning the fight, and you can only imagine the frustration when he got his ass beat for all 5 rounds, only trying to win via a slim-chance homerun KO uppercut.

    Not only was I disappointed in losing money, but in his horrible performance. At that time, who could be on his side, with his ugly busted up face. Learn to be a better fighter Junior, or at least to defend.

  18. joselito80 says:

    Good Stuff!! I agree with you in everything but… Chris Wiedman.. it’s all hype hype hype.. he won’t make it to AS and if he does he will get pulverized (yup that’s the right word) and that would be the end of it!

  19. Jasonpimp8402 says:

    cute dog

  20. noyorriesvato says:

    Thats if he can land it lol if he landed those uppercuts he.woulda won its not if it lands it matters if it did land close.nd almos dont cut it but idk about the 3rd fight whod win jds would have to improve his whole mma game add some kicks mix it up work on him taking cane down nd cain jus needs to keep up the work

  21. preachinshawn says:

    Luke don’t say “walk” around your dog when you’re not gonna take him out for 95 minutes.

  22. nick122122123 says:

    I picked Leben to lose.

  23. Cazaq says:

    Awesome as usual.

  24. joeguy02 says:

    Go to MMAfighting . com and register and account.

  25. sandysanchez4 says:

    if he can make the weight cut

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