24 comments on “Live Chat: UFC 162 preview and more”

  1. iiHendy says:

    I think all it takes for changes to be made in fighter pay is for one of the top guys that casual fans know say something publicly about it.Majority of casual fans wont even know who Kennedy is or War Machine.

  2. Jason Cao says:

    U mean July?

  3. Dallorkid says:

    Getting paid is based on what you put out. In any job you dont get paid the a lot, you have to work for it. If some of these lower level fighters are upset they dont get paid that is because they dont perform and should go to a lower organization. Why take away bonuses from fighters that deserve it. If your a lower level fighter get your head out of your ass and start winning fights and putting on a show.

  4. Kaveo415in says:

    Ronda picked Silva dude

  5. Kaveo415in says:

    Weidman has a Longer reach Luke, But he is also slow as shit compared to Anderson who is also in the Matrix so Thats kinda lame.

  6. Kaveo415in says:

    lol me 2.. Luke does be on some Merica shit.. And I am a vet as well.

  7. Kaveo415in says:

    Taking away bonuses is a shitty idea. Gives fighters motivation to go for finishes and to Fight to finish the fight not go to decision. Cub Swanson had a good point you should get bonuses for finishing period.

  8. Odin043 says:

    his predictions are here

  9. lonnie333 says:

    Those redneck MMA impersonations are great man! hahahaha

  10. STFUppercut69 says:

    Truth hurts man, truth hurts. 

  11. STFUppercut69 says:

    You would have to trink thousands of liters on a daily basis to die from the amount of aspartame in soda.

  12. STFUppercut69 says:


  13. Azfaaz Tezfaz says:

    Luke, 2 Weeks a go, you said that you are not sure if Silva is the Greatest ever. Now you think he is? Which one is it Luke ?

  14. lalgerino91 says:

    silva all the way hes stand up is way better

  15. SoullessKassidy says:

    No bonuses sound like people won’t fight the same; No Fight of the night bonus then no fight of the night performance. I believe that would take away the incentive to finish like some guys do.

  16. DecaMMM says:

    I like Dana White cause he’s uncensored that’s why the fans love him and hate him.

  17. Notorious Niko says:

    good stuff!!

  18. Richard Alexander says:

    Your comments about Seagal had me cracking up. Fuckin’ racquetball glasses, haha..

  19. adudeczka says:

    cagepotato, mmajunkie, middleeasy, bloodyelbow

  20. 7RAFAGT says:

    Anyone know of a site or whatever where i can see fight announcements, news etc. Other than like UFC.com

  21. adudeczka says:

    luke, you have great hair.

  22. Jarrod s says:

    Wow, and he was actually bragging about it. “i have not drank a full calorie soda in years” What a fucking idiot.

  23. mark dixon says:

    Luke will get cancer from aspartame. So intelligent but does not understand what he puts into his body??

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