25 comments on “Live Chat: UFC 165 recap, Bellator Fox Sports deal and more”

  1. TheBrindleBoxer says:

    bubba jenkins got tko’d by larue burley. that means bubba isn’t going anywhere.

  2. Tim lefa says:

    fuck of mohammad

  3. Tim lefa says:

    I aint responding to your sillyness

  4. mohammad haq says:

    how the fuck is he a pussy u dumb fuck?? he fought so hard in that fight and took soo many shots that in last round he could barely stand and yet he kept on going you are soo ignorant it fucking boggles my mind!

  5. mohammad haq says:

    him and robin black are just amazing!!

  6. mohammad haq says:

    ikr people just love to fucking blame ufc.. its pissing me off!

  7. KravaLLT says:

    ufc has absolutely no influence on judges decisions…

  8. godofthisshit says:

    What is this corrupt organization?

  9. Shredistan X says:

    i think gus won but like JDS tweeted you need a clear victory and rounds 4 &5 go jones way 1 and 3 for sure to gus i also think 2 went to gus but it could of been a draw imo i think gus won but gustafsson needs that k.o power 😀 thats something they both lack but they threw very hard shots thats the one thing glover has … k.o power

  10. Robert Johnstone says:

    Luke knows his stuff.

  11. rcw3403 says:

    Very True.

  12. Tim lefa says:

    Yeah, and Gus outstriked him bigtime. Seems it doesnt matter when the UFC is corrupt eh

  13. Tim lefa says:

    He’s a fucking pussy. He won cus of a corrupt organisation not because he was better, AND HE KNOWS THAT. Fuck off dipshit

  14. godofthisshit says:

    Don’t forget the first year or so he leaned how to strike watching youtube videos.

  15. godofthisshit says:

    You’re a fucking idiot. He chose Gus to fight in the first place when you probably thought Gus didn’t have a chance. Now that he has already defeated Gus, he want to give the next guy a chance.

    He can’t win with you idiots.

  16. jrock9201989 says:

    the rematch is going to happen soon

  17. Tim lefa says:

    ESPN Just annonuced that Jones is gonna meet Glover Teixeira on February the 1th. He said “I wanna break the record bigtime. so it can never be broken again”
    And thus running away from a rematch with Gustafsson


  18. Fletch Fowler says:

    Jon Jones has only been striking for four years and he’s STILL 20-0. I do not understand why people cannot separate Jon Jones the person from Jon Jones the fighter, get over it.

  19. darkkingen1447 says:


  20. OdinMMA says:

    It’d be great to talk about MMA with drunk Luke

  21. MetallicanToronto says:

    very interesting perspective, you gave the 5th round to Gus? Wow!

  22. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    I give the first 3 rounds 2 Gustafsson, and rounds 4 and 5 to Jones. Very very close fight no matter how many ways u cut it, I really think it should have been a DRAW, I was expecting a Split Decision after the offical anouncement.

  23. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    True dat! He has got a chin and a dome of stone like the strong Swedish mountains!

  24. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    Wow this dude reminds me of Carlos Condit 20 years later in life.

  25. johnnybuckbrush says:

    Why isn’t this video showing up on my subscription uploads page? STUPID YOUTUBE!

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