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  1. Adam Slobodian says:

    What happens if drug tests come back from UFC 167 and Hendricks tests come
    back positive? Does the rematch still get made? +Luke Thomas +MMA Fighting

  2. Jose Martin Lopez Neri says:

    Your idea of changing rules is awesome, I think it could be implemented in
    controversial fights as rematch, this overall score thing for example, or
    allowing more things (like the knee to the floor Bla Bla, those rules..) or
    the longer first round or even the no rounds one only round idea, these
    little things that could put some fairness to controversial fights, 

  3. Alvarez Metal Works says:

    Rogan get’s them to open up on a personal level like that when he has them
    on his show. You just need more time with them and just talk about random
    things. They’ll let their guard down over time.+Luke Thomas 

  4. Alvaro Gonzalez says:

    Luke thomas we got to hang out sometime

  5. Drew Boudreau says:

    Does the UFC have power to change the scoring system is or is that up to
    the athletic commission? And I agree, experimenting with the scoring system
    is a great idea. After I watch a fight that goes the distance I tend to
    think of the fight as a whole and not round by round. Question, what’s the
    worst decision you have seen in the UFC? Including title and non title

  6. Luke Wade says:

    Dana White constantly says that it will be played by everyone all over the
    world under the same rules, after this event no body is asking for ‘talking
    points’ or ‘controversy’ they want a better rule set which should be tested
    in regional or amateur promotions putting rules in the UFC and then taking
    it out again may undermine the UFC’s credibility and suggest that they
    don’t know what there doing….

  7. Jim Assalone says:

    I think open scoring would work better in MMA than Boxing. In Boxing it’s
    easy for boxer to run and not engage if ahead because only punching is
    allowed. In MMA fighter has more options to force opponent to engage if
    he’s running. Namely kicks and take downs are harder to avoid than punches.

  8. Duath says:

    According to fight metrics in the first round GSP had one more significant
    strike, Hendricks had one more total strikes. Both had one TD, and GSP had
    one sub attempt, so I can see how one can score the first round 10:9 for
    GSP, without making any cases. You don’t score hits or takedowns based on
    it’s power.

    It’s you who’s making a case for Hendricks that he should’ve won that round
    because he hits harder, but as far as I know, any aspect of athleticism
    isn’t rewarded by points in MMA rules.

  9. furiousmat says:

    I think you made a valid point around 7:30.. It’s weird that the “players”
    can’t know what the scoring is.
    At the end of a round it could be good to know how the judges scored it.

    But then the problem is that the other judges know how the other judges are
    scoring the fight so far so it removes independance of judgement.

    It would need a way to inform the corners of the score but to prevent other
    judges from knowing what the other judges are scoring.

    Also I think that the judges have the right to chance the scoring for a
    round at the end. That would remove this possibility… which is probably
    the last hint of flexibility available to them to try to maybe influence
    the overall score based on the general impression of the fight.. Although
    that also goes against the actual round by round philosophy of scoring the
    fight.. anyways..

  10. RussRutter says:

    Great show. Well thought out opinions. Clear analysis. Honesty without
    being a dick is a nice touch. Fantastic show. Any diehard fan should love
    these videos.

  11. le4therf4ce says:

    Luke, even though I don’t agree with you about the GSP-Hendricks decision,
    I love the constant coverage of MMA from you. Thank you, sir. The thing
    that bothered me more about the decision was Dana’s lack of respect for
    GSP’s private life. Though it may not be a big deal to Dana, it’s GSP’s
    life and sucks enough to GSP to want to take a break. Though I’m not a GSP
    fan, he’s a big reason why the UFC is as big as it is. Dana owes him that

  12. aujew says:

    It was a robbery. We don’t need to know intent. And visual wear and tear
    should factor. Other wise dudes will be trying to just score points. Let’s
    not take the combat out of the sport. If you bruise easily, you better be
    ready to finish a fight. 

  13. Aidan O'Connor says:

    Do you think Johny Hendricks overplayed/oversold the times he got hit by
    GSP? After certain shotsl like GSP’s head kicks, Johny would stop, step
    back and then re-engage – almost looking like he was sighing to himself in
    the process.

    Might the judges have gauged those shots as more damaging because they
    misinterpreted this frustration as recoil/damage?

  14. Jim Assalone says:

    Just signed up love your show. The one rule change that’s needed is there
    should be no points for take down without damage being done after. It’s
    usually easy to see who’s winning round by fighter who is pressing and
    fighter who is trying hard not to engage or is using way too much energy
    without offense to stay out of trouble, the same as boxing. Ring

  15. Cam187x says:

    Gsp clearly won round 1. There seems to be a trend that people follow where
    if gsp isn’t dominating he is losing. He controlled 2/3 of the round and
    hendricks landed to the arms with loaded up shots that non-fighters “o-o-h
    a-w-w” over. Gsps face was fd up in 1 round mostly.

  16. Spooksta777 says:

    Nice Jon Jones interview you certainly don’t muck around with time which
    was appreciated but just curious who’s bigger height/size was? also do you
    think you could take him if you had his back?

  17. MrBluesyoucanuse says:

    JH lost because it was close and close won’t win a Championship fight.
    Period. Gotta be a clear win or the champ stays the champ. The same fight
    on an under card could go either way. JH did better than anybody else has
    but it wasn’t enough. 

  18. daikaiju313 says:

    Luke with GSP going to decision wins for the past few years, why hasn’t
    dana or anyone compared him Ben Henderson?I’m a huge gsp fan but does he
    deserve the p4p status he’s given?

  19. Stpirkka says:

    Don’t love how the UFC is treating him right now. He’s the reason I’m into
    MMA and do jiu-jitsu and the reason I and millions of other Canadian fans
    buy all those UFC fights. Now they’re not respecting his wish to take time
    off after all he’s done for them? Not cool. I hope he takes the time he
    needs and figures out what’s right for him. He has nothing left to prove to

  20. Jarrod s says:

    For along time the ufc was moving towards being a real sport. Something
    happened in the last year or so and they have decided to turn more towards
    a wwe style show. Cutting top 10 fighters for wrestling, not wanting
    champs like Askren for wrestling, Dana flipping out when fighters want to
    retire, calling his fans morons at every chance. They seem to have decided
    sports need to be “entertaining” above all else. Have they ever seen other
    sports? Baseball, basketball football, hockey, tennis they are all pretty
    damn boring. Most people simply want to see what the best can do. I guess
    ill just have to settle for some hybrid WWE crap to see “real” fights…

    They need to change that motto they like to use “As real as it gets”.

  21. eXcRaiNmaN says:

    When we’re talking about open scoring are we going by this definition: With
    open scoring, the judges for a bout have to have their scorecards announced
    publicly at set intervals during the contest, such as after the fourth and
    eighth rounds, alerting the fighters to where they stand.

  22. dkoli says:

    Prob with lukes mixing it up idea is rankings/contention for a belt. What
    if for example brazil rules are diff and you had someone like vitor
    destroying everyone down there. You could argue he should get a title shot
    for beating so many people but if hes not beating people with the vegas
    rules (which the belt fight would be under) then those other fights are
    kinda moot. EG he finishes 4 in a row with soccer kicks. Great, impressive,
    but not allowed if he fought for a belt so irrelevant in a sense. +Luke

  23. Spooksta777 says:

    Do you think Mark Hunt will KO Bigfoot in Round 1? Or will Bigfoot do the
    Overeem tactics and tire him out first then go for the win in round 3?
    Also what do you think is next for them both, e.g win/lose?

  24. Edin Pandzic says:

    IDK wth are you talking about, GSP won lol…..Hendricks punches were NOT
    even landing dude….rewatch the fight…they are like 95% blocked….

  25. casper white says:

    go fuck yourself

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