25 comments on “Live Chat: UFC Fight Night 33 preview, Ben Askren and MMA weekend talk”

  1. deemorris9000 says:

    Don’t you think it’s extremely hypocritical that people LOVE Sonnen but
    hate Askren??? There’s literally no difference in their fighting styles. 

  2. trever pitts says:

    i agree we all have 1 dream we should al try to do are dream job because
    if you do your dream job as hes talking baout his is doing mma you. will
    be happy going to work

  3. john rios says:

    Can u speak on the premature news in yje mma world. Ive seen so many gsp
    said this his coach saud that kinds post and poor shane del rosario was
    pronounced desd only s week later hes not. I just feel the ma world
    delivers need eay too fast and even headlines speculation..

  4. 78SPORTSTV says:


  5. Geoffrey Chiu says:

    Ernest watches Live Chat with Luke Thomas

  6. j.s.t says:

    TUF Finale = ‘Ernest gets Ebola’?

  7. Talal Khazal says:

    Things to know about the Dana White – GSP apology. 1. Dana has never gone
    back on something he was so adamant about so quickly, ever. 2. The coach
    that said that Dana apologised doesn’t speak English. And 3. Dana has
    nothing at all to gain by lying about changing his mind, if anything it
    makes the current champ more legitimate if he was to actually agree it’s
    the right guy.

  8. D1E5ECT says:

    womens mma is not ready for the UFC, big fail

  9. HydroBud98 says:

    Shelby should put Uyenoyama vs. Jorgensen together and Ozkilic vs. Sampo
    for UFC on Fox 9 or just reschedule Ozkilic’s next fight. Actually
    Jorgensen will be fighting Zach Makovsky. Id rather see Uyenoyama vs.
    Jorgensen and Ozkilic vs. Makovsky on UFC on Fox 9.

  10. Jim jimjim says:

    No disrespect to the cause but the most recent “fight for the troops” was a
    bad card. Debatable if it was worse than latest tuf finale. I guess it
    might come down to who you are watching the card for. Nate Diaz
    unexpectedly knocking out Gray Maynord in less than 3 minutes was one of
    the most exciting moments of a stacked 2013. Main event was at par w ufc

  11. 4g63mark says:

    Luke you should try slowing down a little when you notice your excitement
    level rise. You have a good voice, but you completely full throttle through
    words at times, enough so that I need to rewind your videos just to hear
    what you said. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take some public speaking
    courses so that a professor can critique your performance.

    Other people do it as well, but I don’t see it from professional level
    pundits such as Chael Sonnen and Ariel Helwani.

  12. Bruce Waynes Son says:

    Who is replacing Dodson, sucks he is out, was looking forward to him

  13. vDanzo says:

    when does he talk about fight night 33

  14. Ryan O'Ceiglah says:

    Luke… I told you to refrain from disparaging Jim Varney… strike two.

  15. Eben Singh says:

    dagastan invaison muslims 

  16. Luke Wade says:

    Jason Reinhardt was 18 and 0 when he entered the UFC, hardly crime of the

  17. trever pitts says:

    the main fight nate diaz fight was good

  18. HydroBud98 says:

    Sampo vs. Benoit was a good fight!

  19. Eben Singh says:

    would you like to see paul daley back in ufc

  20. Zac Burns says:

    I love these!

  21. ZPSBestProfileName says:


    Jon Jones

  22. RollinOnPups says:

    The fuck?! 4 espresso shots and Coke?! Your anxiety must be through the
    roof!! Try drinking Yerba Mate man, shit is a life saver. Regardless, your
    the man Luke! Love these vids!!

  23. SwordsmanRyan says:

    0:23:19 “I feel bad; your brain is a sieve”

  24. tgo007 says:

    “Gotta bump that joker up playa” – Luke Thomas

  25. Ben Salinas says:

    Stay frosty Luke, stay frosty…

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