23 comments on “Live Chat: UFC on FOX 6, Bellator 86 preview, MMA news discussion”


    haha, I was going to mention how your voice sounds just like Jason Sudekis.

  2. JamezJitsu says:

    rampage obv u retarded?

  3. JamezJitsu says:

    yh and its good becuase he knows other mma not just ufc like areil helwani that zuffa zombie

  4. JamezJitsu says:


  5. danielgwenny says:

    Too much crying on TUF. Agree. Feel better man.

  6. danielgwenny says:

    Thanks Luke. Look forward to this each week.

  7. 7RAFAGT says:

    what youre saying isnt criticism, it’s an idiotic, ignorant comment.



  9. adidasDC says:

    Man I can’t get enough of these! Keep this going its awesome

  10. JeremySyrosTroughton says:

    good live chat, hope you didnt die.

  11. noyorriesvato says:

    Bs mia would sub askren

  12. HogiBear2021 says:

    I disagree, youve provided no legitimate reasoning, and I think youre a very negative person

  13. RootinTootinDream says:

    Love these videos. The more the better.

  14. Paul Christen says:

    Anyone have an idea why there is no view count?

  15. Robert LaStella says:

    Thumbs up for Luke Thomas, these live chats are great.

  16. G Kanu says:

    Totally random but you look like a Scottish Terrier (your swag/coolness rose by like 70% dude). Also are you of Hispanic origin (Peruvian, Argentinean, etc.)?

  17. KeeperPeace10 says:

    this guy sucks, he need to smoke some weed and clear his mind before doing one of these, thumbs down, if i could, whats next disable the comments cause you cant take critism

  18. dusty6161 says:

    how dare you say no body knows about lil nog. da fuq .

  19. doaralmeu says:

    this beaver looking mother fucker disabled the like/dislike option. Maybe he knows himself his “show” sucks ass

  20. CJ Diaz says:

    Luke Thomas is such a class act! Incredible sick and still keeping it up for an hour. Great guy!

  21. MMAdawgs says:

    lol you don’t gotta like em to pick em. If they win then they win regardless.

  22. Michael Zand says:

    Matyushenko needs to start doing TRT

  23. makaveli6698 says:

    fuck johnson and texiera 

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